Office for Sponsored Staff and Volunteer Services
Unpaid Research Trainee Position
Department: Pathology
Contact Person: Dr. Christopher French
[email protected]
Training Goals: The Department of Pathology training program in the French
Lab, which focuses on a rare, childhood cancer called NUT midline carcinoma,
is designed to train people in clinical research, molecular biology and cancer
cell biology techniques, approaches and theory. The trainee will learn about
the clinical aspects of NUT midline carcinoma by interacting with patient
families and clinicians, and coordinating the entry of data into the NMC
Registry ( She/he will also learn cell culture, PCR,
immunoblotting and gel electrophoresis techniques and DNA cloning. She/he
will demonstrate completion by performing each technique at least once on
her/his own.
Supervisor: The PI, Dr. French, his technician or post-doctoral fellow, will
provide direct supervision to the trainee for all of her/his activities.
Schedule: The trainee will be asked to participate for 15 – 20 hours a week and
this is designed to be a one year training opportunity.
Activities: Trainees will have the opportunity to participate in experiments
related to the pathogenesis of NUT midline-carcinoma. They will be involved
in clinical research coordination, cell culture and maintenance, gel
electrophoresis and cloning, immunoblotting and polymerase chemi reaction.

The Department of Pathology training program in the French Lab is