Simple method to synthesize Ag-metal of hollow rods structure
H.Y. Zahran*, I.S. Yahia
of Physics, Faculty of Science, King Khalid University, P.O. Box 9004, Abha, Saudi Arabia.
of Physics, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Roxy, Cairo, Egypt.
*E-mail address: dr_hyzahran@yahoo.com
Silver metal (Ag) hollow rods of flower shape of micro-structure were
synthesized by thermal decomposition of silver nitrate at a certain temperature (550 oC).
The structure shape of the produced Ag hollow rods was deduced by X-ray diffracxtion
(XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). X-ray diffraction was used to examine
the structure of Ag-particles with average crystallite size 25.4 nm. Lattice strain and
dislocation density were also calculated. In this study we focus on the synthesis and the
structure properties of the produced Ag metals with differet structures have various
potential applications such as conductors, catalysts and chemical sensors.
Keywords: Ag hollow rods, Thermal decomposition, X-ray diffraction and parameters,