Adjunct Assistant Professor of Egyptology
Department of Near Eastern Studies
4159 Thayer Academic Building - Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-1608
(734) 647-4672 - fax (734) 936-2679
[email protected]
Ph.D. 1998 University of Michigan. Department of Near Eastern Studies: Egyptology
Fall 1984-Spring 1985 Graduate Program, Near Eastern Languages and
Civilizations, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
M.A. 1984 John Hopkins University, Near Eastern Studies: Egyptology.
Fall 2001 - present Adjunct Assistant Professor of Egyptology, Department of
Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan.
Forthcoming February 2012 Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile. Co-Editor with
Peter Lacovara, Salima Ikram, and Sue D’Auria. American University in Cairo
Press: Cairo.
“The History of Nubia.”
“The Art and Architecture of Nubia during the New Kingdom: Egypt in Nubia.”
“Abu Simbel.”
“Wadi al-Sebua.”
“Gerf Hussein.”
“Beit al-Wali.”
2001 The Sons of Ramesses II. Vols. I and II. Aegypten und Altes Testament series.
Volume 53. Weisbaden: Harrassowitz.
Forthcoming “A Block Statue of the Second Prophet of Amun Ahmose.” Festschrift.
“A Block Statue of Scribe Ahmose and Amun-Re(-) Osiris.” In Thebes and
Beyond: Studies in Honour of Kent R. Weeks. Edited by Zahi A. Hawass and
Salima Ikram. Annales du Service des Antiquités de l’Égypte, Cahier 41: 35-46.
“A New Kingdom Ostracon found in the King’s Valley by the Supreme Council of
Antiquities.” In Zahi Hawass, Peter D. Manuelian, and Ramadan B. Hussein
(editors), Perspectives on Ancient Egypt: Studies in Honor of Edward Brovarski.
Annales du Service des Antiquités de l’Égypte, Cahier 40: 93-100.
2010 “A Recently Discovered Fragment of Senemut’s Sarcophagus.” Bulletin of the
Egyptological Seminar of New York 19.
2009 “Nefertari.” Entry in on-line Encyclopedia of Ancient History. Edited by Roger
Bagnall, Kai Brodersen, Craig Champion, Andrew Erskine, and Sabine Huebner.
August 1997. Review: Splendors of Ancient Egypt at the Detroit Institute of Arts
Internet publication: Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archeology, Oxford
In preparation
In preparation. The Daughters of Ramesses II: An analysis of documented material with
Associate Director of Epigraphy
University of Michigan, Abydos Middle Cemetery Project. 1999-present.
Supreme Council of Antiquities Mission in the Valley of the Kings, Zahi
Hawass, Director. November 2008, January 2009.
Epigraphic Survey, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, Based at
Chicago House, Luxor, Egypt. October 1997-present
Excavation Supervisor
Theban Mapping Project-American University in Cairo,
Tomb of the Sons of Ramesses II (KV5), Kent Weeks, Director.
Epigraphy, recording of objects, and survey assistance
February 1995, November 1995, February 1996, November 1996
Field research for Thesis The Sons of Ramesses II
Photography, object and relief collation
Egyptian Museum, Cairo; 16 sites in Upper and Lower Egypt
February 1995-1997
Old Egyptian
Middle Egyptian
Late Egyptian
June 2011-present
National Advisory Board. Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins
January 2010-present
Perlman Music Program, Board of Directors, New York
June 2008- present
Curtis Institute of Music, Board of Overseers, Philadelphia
September 2007- present
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Egyptian Department, Advisory Council
September 2006-present
School of American Ballet, Advisory Council, New York
April 2006-present
University of Michigan, President’s Advisory Group
July 2006- present
School of American Ballet, Advisory Council, New York, New York
July 2003- present
Johns Hopkins University, Board of Trustees
May 2003- present
American Research Center in Egypt, Board of Governors
September 2002- present
Co-Chair and Co-Founder of Friends of Near Eastern Studies, Department
of Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
December 2001-present
Johns Hopkins University, Advisory Council, Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts
and Sciences, Baltimore, Maryland
June 1995-present
Detroit Zoological Society, Board of Director, Detroit, Michigan
June 1994-present
Oriental Institute, Visiting Committee, University of Chicago
September 1993-present
Library of Congress, James Madison Council, Washington, D.C.
September 1993-present
Michigan Opera Theater, Board of Directors, Detroit, Michigan
January 1986-present
Max and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation, Trustee, Detroit, Michigan

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