October 19th -23rd - Effingham County Schools

Week of: October 19th – 23rd
Word Study
This week in word study we will begin
consonant blends. (bl, cl, fl, gl, sl, pl)
and quiz Friday.
Vocabulary Words
Story: A Cupcake Party
Focus Skill: Story Structure
How do we identify the most important
information in a story?
Sight Words to Know: Please study these words!!
give one
put eat
1. forest- a place with lots of trees
2. enemies-people and animals that can bring
harm to others
3. hibernate- sleeping for the winter
4. must- you have to do it
5. pouches- pockets for holding or carrying
6. predators- animals that other animals
hunt for food
Language Arts/Writing
This week we finish with pronouns.
Students will learn about appropriate spacing between
words and sentences and various phonics skills.
Science and Social Studies will be taught 4
½ weeks each during the 9 weeks.
This week we will begin our Geography
Unit. We will be learning about maps and
Ice-cream will be sold every
Wednesday beginning October 21st.
Focus: We will begin writing How-To Informational
In our daily grammar sentences types of
sentences and punctuation marks will be
practiced and reviewed.
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continued on the
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cut out, and return
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Weekly Newsletter Continued....
October 19th – Report cards on IC (Fair Parade)
Unit 2: Developing Base 10 Number Sense
In this unit, students will:
• rote count forward to 120 by counting on from any number less
than 120.
• represent a quantity using numerals.
• locate 0-100 on a number line.
• use the strategies of counting on and counting back to
understand number relationships.
• explore with the 99 chart to see patterns between numbers,
such as, all of the numbers in a column on the hundreds chart have
the same digit in the ones place, and all of the numbers in a row
have the same digit in the tens place.
• read, write and represent a number of objects with a written
numeral (number form or standard form).
• build an understanding of how the numbers in the counting
sequence are related—each number is one more, ten more (or one
less, ten less) than the number before (or after).
• work with categorical data by organizing, representing and
interpreting data using charts and tables.
• pose questions with 3 possible responses and then work with the
data that they collect.
• begin working with dimes and understand a dime is worth ten
• explore counting by tens with dimes.
October 27 - Title I Annual Meeting (9am and 6pm)
October 28 - Fall Picture Retakes
November 16th -20th – Book Week
November 26th – 30th – Thanksgiving Break
Mrs. Sanders’ Specials Schedule
Monday: P.E. (wear tennis shoes)
Tuesday: Computer Lab
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Music
Friday: Media
Weekly Homework Assignments
There will be no homework given this week due to
the fair being in town. I asked that you continue
reading daily with your child at home.  Thanks.
As established by Georgia law, any parent, guardian, or caregiver who
volunteers in any capacity within the school system must participate in a
training session for mandatory reporting prior to working with students.
As mandated reporters, any adults who work with children on a regular
basis are legally required to report observed or suspected child abuse
and/or neglect. This training is accessible online and may be viewed at
home or at school for your convenience. Please follow these directions to
access and complete the training module:
Parents will access and complete the
*Please cut out and return to school in weekly folder!
___ YES, I have read the attached IMPORTANT PARENT INFORMATION.
Print Parent’s Name:
Print Student's Name:
Mrs. Sanders’
Mandatory Reporting training module by logging onto
*On the left hand side of the Compliance Director homepage, you
will find a link entitled “Georgia”. That link will connect you to a
list of standard modules, one of which is “Mandated Reporting”.
* Click the Mandated Reporting link, Enter the username and
password below.
o Username- Effingham County
o Password- football
*Upon completion of the module, you will be required to enter
information so that you can be identified as having completed the
online training. When asked to enter one’s name “as it appears on
your paycheck”, parents should simply enter their legal name.
Please provide a valid email address when signing out of the module
in order to receive confirmation of module completion. This email
must be printed out and provided to the principal's secretary as
verification of completion.