Call for Members

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December 15, 2015
Call for Members
To: Potential CSA Standards Technical Committee
Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems (CSA-F326)
CSA Group is in the process of reviewing and renewing membership on the CSA’s Technical
Committee (TC) on Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems to ensure that this Standard is
technically sound and that it continues to provide value to stakeholders across Canada.
We are currently accepting applications for TC membership. If you wish to become involved
with this area of standardization, please complete the attached membership application and
submit together with your curriculum vitae to me directly no later than February 15, 2016.
Please note that membership on the this TC is open to all directly and materially affected
parties as defined in CSA Group’s membership rules and operating procedures. As an
accredited standards developing organization, CSA requires that in addition to member
qualifications and skill sets, consideration be also given to ensure committee balance,
regional participation and presence. This may impact our ability to accommod ate all
applicants on committees immediately. However, we do post opportunities to contribute
through Public Review and Stakeholders Engagement events regularly.
The TC on Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems will have a balanced representation for
the following stakeholder categories:
Producer Interest (PI) – those who are predominantly involved in production (i.e.
manufacture), promotion, retailing, or distribution of the subject product(s),
material(s) or service(s);
User Interest (UI) – those who predominantly represent consumer interests or end
users of the subject product(s), material(s), or service(s), and who are not involved
in any way in production and/or distribution of the subject product(s), material(s) or
Regulatory Authority (RA) – those who are predominantly involved in regulating the
use of the subject product(s), material(s), or service(s); and
General Interest (GI) – those who are not associated with production, distribution,
direct use, or regulation of the subject product(s), material(s), or service(s). This
category may include representatives of academic and scientific fields of interests.
Associates – A limited number of suitably qualified individuals may also be
appointed as nonvoting (associate) members if participation by such members would
help the committee carry out its responsibilities.
Why get involved?
Membership results in access to a trusted and respected organization
Opportunity to participate in and shape national and binational issues affecting your
organization through a consensus-based process which values all stakeholders
Networking and relationship building with peers and other experts
Ability to influence the codes and standards that impact the way you do business
Contribution to the National Standards Systems and public safety
What is expected?
 A strong interest in and knowledge of the related product
 Ability to work in a multi-stakeholder environment and follow the principles of
 Willingness to actively participate at the committee meetings, in person and
electronically (typically two committee meetings per year and teleconferences between
the meetings if needed)
 Willingness to accept tasks and complete project work in a timely manner
 The new edition of the standard is scheduled to be published in 2019. Development
work is starting in spring 2016.
 The current Scope of the F326 standard is enclosed. The Scope may be revised by the
new Technical Committee.
 Membership of the Technical Committee is free of charge.
 CSA Group does not cover member’s travel and accommodation costs.
We recognize that active participation on a committee is a significant commitment and we
thank you for taking your time to consider this call for participation and to apply for TC
For further clarification and/or assistance with the application process, please contact
Babak Owlam at 416-747-4279 or via email at [email protected]
2015 Committee
Membership Application Form-MASTER-Nov2015.docm
Babak Owlam
Project Manager, Fuel Burning
Cc: Josip Novkovic, Program Manager