Optional Homework – Victoria and Northern Territory – Tuesday 12

Optional Homework – Victoria and Northern Territory – Tuesday 12th January
Which city is the capital of Victoria?
What is the name of the tallest building in Melbourne?
Which river flows through Melbourne?
Which metal was used to make the dome of Flinders Street station in Melbourne?
The coat of arms of Victoria displays which three words? They are the names of
the ladies on either side of the shield.
The Australian Grand Prix is held in which Melbourne suburb?
What is “Puffing Billy”?
The “Twelve Apostles” limestone stacks can be seen from which famous coastal
stretch of road?
What is Victoria’s highest peak?
Why is Squeaky Beach so called?
What is Victoria’s second largest city?
What are the “Organ Pipes”?
In what year did Melbourne host the 18th Commonwealth Games?
What is the capital of Northern Territory?
What is the name of the cyclone which struck this city in 1974?
Central Australia is sometimes called the _____________ Centre.
Which Central Australian gum tree has a spooky name?
Melville and Bathurst Islands are parts of which island group?
Wangi Falls can be found in which National Park?
Which usually dry river “flows” through Alice Springs?