The degenerating brain - From research to hope 76949 - 2014
Prof. Hermona Soreq and Dr. Sebastian Kadener
Teaching assistant: Geula Hanin
20 Feb
27 Feb
Dr. Sebastian Kadener
Prof. Hermona Soreq
6 March Geula Hanin
13 March Geula Hanin
20 March Geula Hanin
27 March Dr. Yossi Mandel
3 April
10 April
17 April
24 April
1 May
8 May
15 May
Prof. Hermona Soreq
Prof. Orna Amster
Prof. Orna Elroy-Stein
22 May
29 May
Prof. Alon Friedman
Dr. Sebastian Kadener
5 June
12 June
Prof. Dan Frenkel
19 June
Dr. Neta Zach
Tentative Topics
Class 1: Gene vs. Environment.
Class 2: Introduction for neurodegenerative
diseases and Alzheimer’s disease
Class 3: The Cell
Class 4: From DNA to protein
Class 5: The central nervous system – from
neurons to brain functions
Class 6: Retina degeneration & photovoltaic
retinal prosthesis
Class 7: Parkinson's disease
Class 8: Protein and RNA mislocalization
Class 9: Regulation of mRNA Translation in the
Class 10: Stroke
Class 11: Animal disease models: primates, mice,
flies, worms.
Class 12: Neuroinflammation and
neurodegenerative diseases
Class 13: ALS
Attendance: mandatory.
Absence of 10% of the classes or more (2 lectures or more) will reduce the final score by 5
Grading: 3 home assignments (30% total, 10% each) and home-written work on topics
discussed in the class (70%).

SYLLABUS (based on 2 hour weekly lectures