ICC Agenda: 12/5/14
1. Call to Order: 9:31am
2. Chair Report – Shelby Takenouchi
The clickers are here and we are currently working to see how the process will be
working starting next semester. Meeting time for next semester will possibly be
Mondays 5:30pm-7:30pm. There were some issues this semester but that’s what
happens as ICC grows and changes.
Treasurer checks purchase requests in mornings and/or evenings so clubs would have
to wait until those times to get purchase request approved.
3. Treasurer Report – Arthuro Monge
Budget Breakdown per month:
Big Ticket: $4,977.33
Small Ticket: $2,986.39
Travel: $1,990.93
Rollover: $310
Available for this meeting $8,278.33
Big Ticket: $5,287.33
4. ICC Liaison - Senator Kwan
This semester has been the one with the most continuous attendance.
If you (Reps) know you can’t make it to meetings for next semester, please let new
Representatives know about ICC and any changes that were made this semester. Anyone
with questions about the changes or structure can contact Senator Kwan.
5. Advisor Report - Steve Lerer
ICC did good work this semester, ASUCM did give more money and more responsibility
to ICC this semester. Budget could increase for next year so there will be more funds
Budget call will start in January when we come back from break. It is necessary to go
through budget call since there will be more changes coming up next academic year. For
clubs who get funding through Senate, they may not be able to anymore because that
money won’t be available. Mid-year progress reports are due tonight.
Samantha will be representing OSL Staff next semester at ICC meetings.
6. New Business (Big & Small Ticket Meeting)
Total Requests –
Big Ticket: $5,150
Small Ticket: $810
a. Proposal (Big Ticket)
a.i. ICC (#59)-Philanthropy Week
a.ii. Student Alumni Association
a.iii. $5,440
Week long Philanthropic event which will start with the annual Thank-a-Thon event
held to show gratitude and appreciation to donors who have contributed to the
growth of our school and supported UC Merced students in need. This is a two day
event with a goal of 2,000 student- handwritten letters to thank the donors who
have supported us. There will be a philanthropy fair on Wednesday in which
businesses from the community will come and promote philanthropy in the
community and a photo/video day of students who received scholarships on
Thursday so they can personally thank the donors and put a face to the name in
hopes of continued support to our school. Food and refreshments will be served to
encourage students to come.
Amount reduced to $5,150. Donors are encouraged/motivated to donate more when
they see donation is being appreciated. Expecting over 1,000 students and over
2,000 letters due to previous turn-outs. Last year there were 700 students and some
students wrote up to 7 letters.
Amount requested is for facilities for the CA Room for two days, posters and AFrames from TAPS, pizza, fruit snacks, fruit, water, thank-you cards and envelopes,
balloons and helium, paper pads, index cards, and pens.
Proposal Passed
b. Proposal (Small Ticket)
b.i. ICC (#58) The Robotics Society 3D Printer
b.ii. Robotics Society
b.iii. $810
The 3D Printer will be used during all of Robotics Society's Tabling and events. It
will also be used for making custom pieces for the current Sumo-bot competition. As
discussed with ASUCM Treasurer, David A. , certain rules and availability will apply
to the printer. Amount requested is for the 3D Printer and 5 rolls of film. Clubs can
email Robotics Society if interested in using 3D Printer.
Proposal Passed
7. Announcements
Dec 9 is Ctrl+Alt+Del in the Lantern
Hermanos Unidos Dodgeball Tournament – teams of 7 and there will be a first place
prize today from 3-6pm
MeChA posadas will be today 6-10pm. Those that will be caroling need to meet at the
Lantern at 6pm.
Suggestions: Very efficient, many clubs, larger budget (15 reps agree) if more clubs go to
ICC rather than Senate then there will be more funds allocated to ICC for the next
academic year.
8. Adjournments

ICC 12.5.2014