Textbooks donation to schools in the Developing Nations in African

Textbooks donation to schools in the Developing Nations in African
African is continent endowed with natural resources, whose most of its nations has been torn apart by
ethnic and religious crisis sometimes contributed by the presence of the natural resources. Still, it is the
continent with the highest illiteracy rate with about 21 nations in the continent having adult literacy rate
below 50%. Low literacy rate in a country can contribute to high poverty rate as there is no enough
educated people to be creative and innovative to bring about changes and development in the country.
Most schools in the African Nations including the tertiary institution lack the basic materials liked
textbooks required to educated the people of the nation. Most of the student depends on the little
information or knowledge they can get from the instructors and have no reference materials to
reference as to increase or update their knowledge. This is due to the students are from poor families
and cannot afford to purchase these materials and also the schools does not have the adequate
resource to provide the resources for the students. I propose a project of collecting textbooks for all
level of educations and donating it to these African nations with the lowest rate of adult literacy.
The feasibility study including determine one or two nation in Africa with the lowest adult literacy rate.
Determine means of getting the text books from students, libraries and manufacturers or book printers.
Determine the cost and method of delivering these books to the country or countries involved and
monitor the delivery of the books.
Though, this project may take a long time, but it is going to impact the life of somebody somewhere in a
distant continent.