On-line Translation Nombre Clase ______ This activity will help you

On-line Translation
Nombre ______________________________________________
Clase _______
This activity will help you evaluate on-line translation resources.
Step 1: Research
Locate and use two computerized language translations tools.
List sources found:
Step 2: Try It Out (Part 1)
Translate the following pairs of sentences using each of the two translation tools, from English to
Spanish and then back to English:
The bats fly into the room.
The bats fly into the dugout when the batters hit too hard.
I like ice cream with nuts on top.
Some people think I’m nuts.
I can drink a can of soda.
Can you dance the can-can?
When I was a kid, I found a silver dollar.
On what date did Bill Gates found Microsoft?
If I get any more chocolates, I’ll get sick of them.
Step 3: Try it Out (Part 2)
Write a one paragraph autobiography in English in Word or Google Docs (name, age, where you are
from and what you like to do). This doesn’t need to be too long. It can be basic – 5-6 sentences.
_____ Print it out
_____ Choose the best translator from step 2. Past in your English paragraph; translate it to Spanish.
_____ Translate the Spanish into any language other than English. Translate the product of that back
into English.
_____ Print out the final translation (Eng-Span-X Lang)
_____ In a brief paragraph below the translation, compare the original version with the final English.
Step 4:
Check all that are true:
My teacher will be able to tell easily if I’ve used an online translator.
I might use an online translator to look up a vocabulary word (noun or adjective)
I might use an online translator for verb forms.
I’m goint to double-check anything I do on an online translator.
This would really save me time writing a paper.
This was a useful activity for me.