Philip II’s belief that authority to rule comes directly from
God reflected the concept of
a) Absolute monarchy
b) Divine right
c) Limited monarchy
d) Balance of power.
Which of the following provided England with the
beginnings of a constitutional monarchy?
a) The Petition of Right
b) The Long parliament
c) The English civil war
d) The Bill of Rights.
Peter the Great forced Russians to accept social reforms
that would make their culture more like that of
a) Prussia
b) Chinese
c) Western Europeans
d) Ottoman Turks
As a result of Peter the Great’s war against Sweden,
Russian gained
a) A warm water port
b) Land along the Black Sea
c) The Bering Strait
d) Land along the Baltic Sea
In the late 1500s, France was torn apart by religious wars
a) Muslims and Christians
b) Catholics and Jews
c) Catholics and Huguenots
d) Lutherans and Calvinists
French styles of art, culture, manners and customs became
the standard for European taste as a result of the reign of
a) Henry IV b) Louis XIII
b) c) Louis XIV
d) Louis XV
The Stuart kings’ claims to absolute power were
challenged by
a) The Tudors
b) Parliament
c) The Cavaliers
d) The Anglican Church
Which of the following resulted from the Thirty Years’
a) German states were united
b) The Hapsburgs gained power
c) France lost territory to Spain and Germany
d) The Netherlands and Seitzerland became
independent states.
What European nation was the first to sail around the
Southern tip of Africa?
What European nations was rebuffed by China but later
got trade access by selling opium?
In what sense was Columbus’ theory about sailing west
What nation took over control of Portugal’s Asian trade in
the 1600s?
The development of printing in Europe led to
a) Religious toleration
b) Increased competition with China
c) The Protestant Reformation
d) Increased corruption in the Catholic Church
Luther criticized the Catholic Church for
a) Preaching forgiveness
b) Translating the Bible into German
c) Claiming that you can gain salvation by faith
d) Selling indulgences
After the Pope refused to annul his marriage, Henry VIII of
a) Started a war with the Pope
b) Started the Reformation
c) Took over the Catholic church
d) Imposed fines on Roman Catholics in England
Inflation in Europe was caused by all the following EXCEPT
a) Increase in population
b) Increase in money available
c) Government regulation of trade
d) Imports of gold and silver from the Americas
Which of the following is NOT a part of mercantilism?
a) Gaining colonies
b) Investing profits back into business
c) Regulating trade
d) Importing gold
Korean and China were similar in that that
a) Encouraged contact with outsiders
b) Discouraged contact with outsiders
c) Killed all foreigners found in their territory
d) Were part of a vast trade network

Philip II`s belief that authority to rule comes directly from God