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Spring 2013
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Follow A Dream
teachers: “Be more aware of what the
colleges are teaching, and include some of
it in your curriculum.”
Mark’s hopes for college: “To gain
knowledge, grow, mature, do something I
never thought I would do, change my work,
to follow a dream. So far, it’s working! And
it’s a lot of work!”
Mark Moses with his daughters Evelyn (l) and Rachel (r)
Mark Moses, a 2012 graduate of CLC’s
Bridge to College program, is in his first
year at Bunker Hill Community College. He
is studying to be a social worker in the
human resources program. Here are some
of his thoughts at the end of the first
“Reading and English are easy. Math is
hard. In my math class it’s good to know I’m
not the only one that’s having a hard time. I
like all my teachers. They really care and
want you to succeed. One not-so-good
feature is the really young students who
think they know everything.”
Here’s some advice from Mark for this
year’s CLC Bridge students: “When you’re
at CLC, make sure you learn, listen, pay
attention. Get as much as you can because
it’s harder when you get to college. In your
classes at college ask as many questions
as you can. Get a tutor if you’re having
trouble.” And some advice for CLC
Mark is a recipient of a 2012-2013 college
scholarship from First Literacy. In his
scholarship application essay, explaining his
desire to become a social worker, Mark
wrote, “Through listening and being
expanding my knowledge by completing my
education, I hope to change the way people
in distress look at life.”
Challenges, Laughter,
Coming Together
CLC Level 3 ESOL Class
The 13 students you see in the photo, along
with artist Clara Wainwright (2nd row, 3rd
from left), assistant Brett Cook (2nd row, 3rd
from right), and teacher Teresa Brown
(holding quilt on left), are the quilters of the
self portraits and flags that form the quilt
being displayed. They are from 8 countries:
Cuba, Haiti, Chile, China, Ethiopia,
Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Brazil. The
themes that inspired them were: “Us” (who
we are), the world as a community, and
dreams and hopes.
A joint project between the CLC and the
Cambridge Arts Council, the project was led
by Ms. Wainwright and Teresa Brown,
working with a level three ESOL (English for
speakers of other languages) class. On
Friday mornings from October through
February, the quilt project participants
conversation development with artistic skills
in a collaborative, supportive and focused
working environment to produce the
amazing quilt.
Though not visible in the photo, there are
also writings from the participants, which
were inspired by making the quilt together.
Jorge: “It will arrive the day that borders
end, when we give the best of each of our
countries to create a world for all.” Ange
Marie: “My goal for my children in U.S. is to
finish high school and college. Also, I hope
we help my country’s people.” Paulina:
“Human beings grow when they hold hands
without fear and walk together.” Teresa:
“Challenges, Laughter, Coming together –
Women's Education Center at Rosie's
Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless
Deborah Downes has had a lifelong career
in public education with extensive
experience as a school administrator,
professional developer and special educator
in Cambridge, Boston, and Andover, MA.
She has focused her work on building and
sustaining learning environments and
effectively engage, support and provide
enduring learning experiences for struggling
As a recent retiree she wanted to keep her
connection to students and to teaching. She
volunteers at CLC in the classroom and with
an individual reading student. Deb says,
“This time is the highlight of my week!"
Sunday, June 9th, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
4 Walnut Avenue, Cambridge
Tickets are $75.00 per person.
Contact Mina Reddy, 617-349-6363
Sponsorships benefitting the Bridge to College
program at a higher level are also available.
CLC Friends Welcome Exciting
New Board Members
Nicole Satyanarayan is excited to join the
board and is committed to furthering the
mission of the Friends. She is an ESOL
tutor at the CLC and is passionate about
helping students achieve their academic
and professional goals. Nicole served as the
Program and Student Coordinator of the
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