Sustainability-related Research Inventory, Emory University, 1-11
EC: Anthropology
Carla Freeman
Title/Description of Research:
Neo-liberalism & Respectability: Gender, Entrepreneurship and the Making
of a Caribbean Middle Class
Environmental Concerns: How Does "Living Green" at College Matter?
EC: Anthropology
Carla Freeman
EC: Anthropology
Peggy Barlett
EC: Anthropology
Peter Little
EC: Art History
Bonna Wescoat
EC: Biology
Arri Eisen
EC: Biology
Chris Beck
Biocontrol on an invasive pond weed (Hydrilla verticillata): Examining
whether the competitive outcomes between Hydrilla and a native pond
plant are mediated by a fungal pathogen known to infect Hydrilla.
EC: Biology
Les Real
EC: Biology
Pat Marsteller
EC: Chemistry
Brian Dyer
Multiple projects on the ecology of natural biological systems and the
ecology and evolution of diseases
Reform in science education at K12 and undergraduate levels to foster
equity; case studies that address science issues in the context of underrepresented groups.
EBREC (Emory Bio-inspired Renewal Energy Research Center)
EC: Chemistry
Craig Hill
EBREC (Emory Bio-inspired Renewal Energy Research Center)
EC: Chemistry
David Lynn
EBREC (Emory Bio-inspired Renewal Energy Research Center)
EC: Chemistry
David Lynn
Center for Chemical Evolution: Analysis of the chemical ecology that
provided the first sustainable example of evolution
David Lynn and other
EC: Chemistry
David Lynn
Supramolecular Assemblies: A Department of Energy-funded project that
has created self-healing structures able to capture and transfer light energy
David Lynn and Vince
EC: Chemistry
Huw Davies
New chiral catalysts for stereoselective synthesis
Sustainability narratives: Interviews with faculty and administrative leaders
of sustainability in higher education and surveys of faculty development
projects around sustainability and curriculum.
Climate Variability, Pastoralism, and Commodity Chains in Semi-Arid and
Arid Areas of Ethiopia and Kenya: This one-year project addresses
interactions between climate variability, pastoralism, and livestock,
marketing from production to final sale.
Site Management of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samnothrace: In
conjunction with the 19th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities,
Komotini, we have engaged in a multi-year project to halt environmental
degradation of the site.
History and Biology of Addiction and Depression
Faculty Collaborators:
Peter Little, PI; Uriel
Kitron, Carla Roncoli
Michael Page, Vicki
EC: Economics
David Frisvold
Expanding Exposure: Can Increasing the Daily Duration of Head Start
Reduce Childhood Obesity?
Nutrition and Cognitive Achievement: An Evaluation of the School
Breakfast Program: Impact of eating breakfast through the School
Breakfast Program (SBP) on cognitive achievement.
Multiple projects including 1) The economic history of American Indians (as
well as other native peoples) and the federal government. 2) Work on the
economic history of wellbeing of Indians as measured by anthropometric
(height) data. 3) Economic history of the southeastern US, including
environmental history.
Real-Time Energy Substitution in the U.S.
EC: Economics
David Frisvold
EC: Economics
Len Carlson
EC: Economics
Tanya Molodtsova
EC: Economics
Tilman Klumpp
Discrimination and Perceived Discrimination: Examines various aspects of
discrimination in labor markets, e.g. based on race, gender, or ethnicity;
link between labor market outcomes and the criminal justice system.
EC: English
Walter Kalaidjian
EC: Environmental Studies
Berry Brosi
EC: Environmental Studies
Berry Brosi
EC: Environmental Studies
Berry Brosi
EC: Environmental Studies
Tom Gillespie
Considerations of environmental sustainability, disability narratives, and
animal philosophy in the literary representations of contemporary fiction,
poetry, and film.
Managing Varroa Virulence In Honey Bees: Transmission, Virulence, and
Gene Expression: Addressing sustainability of agricultural pollination by
investigating drivers of honey bee decline.
Pollinator Diversity and Foraging Specialization: Addresses sustainability of
plant pollination (and thus reproduction) by examining the impacts of
pollinator species losses--which are ongoing around the world--on plant
reproductive fitness.
Functional pollination networks and the maintenance of species and
genetic diversity: Addresses sustainability of pollination (and thus
reproduction) of wild plant populations by investigating the effects of
environmental change on plant-pollinator networks.
Multiple projects relating to environmental health.
EC: Environmental Studies
Tracy Yandle
EC: Environmental Studies
Uriel Kitron
Ongoing research on the role of property rights in New Zealand fisheries
management; Researching and writing a popular press book on small-scale
commercial fishing in the United States.
Chagas disease in Argentina
EC: Environmental Studies
Uriel Kitron
Polyparasitism in coastal Kenya
Henry Thompson
Xuejuan Su, Tilman
Klumpp, Phil Curry (Simon
Fraser University and
University of Waterloo)
Jacobus de Roode
EC: French & Italian
Valerie Loichot
EC: French & Italian
Judy Raggi Moore
EC: German Studies
Caroline Schaumann
EC: History
Mary Odem
Research dealing with issues of environmental concerns and ecological
health in the Caribbean (through exploring issues of tourism,
deforestation, and interconnectedness between race, slavery and postslavery memory, and landscape).
Piedmont Project: Integrating the medical/social aspects and implications
of the Mediterranean Diet into the Italian Studies Summer Program and in
particular the course: medicine and compassion
Mountains in German Imagination: Essays by scholars from both Europe
and North America examine the lure and role of mountains in German
literature, philosophy, film, music, and culture from the Middle Ages to the
Health and Welfare of Maya & Latina Immigrant Families
EC: History
Mary Odem
Latino Immigrants and the Transformation of the U.S. South
EC: History
Matthew Payne
Soviet Steppe: Genocide and Modernity in Kazakhstan, 1916-1941
Kevin Corrigan
Peter Wakefield
Oded Borowski
Several projects related to disability discrimination, citizenship in a broader
key, environmental concerns-- environmental stewardship or social equity,
and social well-being, and ecological health.
Presented paper on concept of place as it relates to sustainability and
pedagogy at the Association for Integrative Studies' 2010 conference,
which was focused on sustainability.
Excavations at Tell Halif (Israel)
EC: Music
Tong Soon Lee
Chinese music and migration in England
EC: Music
Tong Soon Lee
EC: Music
Yayoi Uno Everett
Cultural Transmission and Social Sustainability: Pedagogy in Atlanta's
Korean Community Schools
Reconfiguring myths and rituals in the global era.
EC: Philosophy
Cynthia Willett
EC: Philosophy
John Stuhr
EC: Philosophy
Kenneth Anderson
EC: Physics
Connie Roth
Ruth Parker
Sean Ireton, University of
Social Ethics and Sustainability: Book project (with co-teaching and reading
groups): seeking conceptual underpinnings for a broad social ethics that
refocuses attention on environmental issues.
Projects dealing with connections between social justice and ecological
Existential approaches to human disability, especially social perceptions of
mental and psychological disability.
Deboleena Roy, and
Structural Relaxation of Polymers in Nanoconfined Geometries: Current
research efforts are focused on elucidating the factors that affect the
physical aging rate of ultrathin polymer films, frequently used as gas
Connie Roth
separation membranes.
EC: Political Science
Michael Rich
EC: Political Science
Michael Rich
EC: Political Science
Michael Rich
EC: Political Science
Michael Rich
Ho Wan-Li
EC: Religion
Barbara (Bobbi)
EC: Religion
Theophus Smith
EC: Religion
Theophus Smith
EC: Religion
Wendy Farley
EC: Russian/Eurasian/East
Juliette Apkarian
EC: Sociology
Cathryn Johnson
Empowerment Zones: Analysis of the effects of the federal government's
empowerment zones initiative on high poverty neighborhoods in 6 cities
(Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Philadelphia).
Outcomes examined include poverty, unemployment.
Crime and Public Housing: Analysis of the impacts of public housing
revitalization on the destination neighborhoods of tenants given housing
choice vouchers.
Rethinking Empowerment: Evidence from Local Empowerment Zone
Programs: Preliminary results of the effects of the federal government's
Empowerment Zone program on urban neighborhoods.
Evaluation of the effects of the McDaniel Glenn HOPE VI revitalization in
Atlanta's Mechanicsville neighborhood. Examines effects on original
residents, immediately surrounding neighborhood, and neighborhood
Negotiating Eco-Feminism: Environmental Protection and Religious
Women in Taiwan
Place, Equity, and Sustainability: Critical Reflection and Transformation:
Analyzing 6 years of structured portfolio entries for classes in Religion and
Ecology, Wilderness Spirituality, and Sustainability Internship.
Michael Leo Owens,
Elizabeth Griffiths, Lance
Robert P. Stoker
Michael Leo Owens,
Elizabeth Griffiths, Moshe
Religion, Race & Restorative Justice: Truth Commissions as 'Proving
Undergraduate Research Project for Southern Truth and Reconciliation
Who Do You Say I am: Contemplation, the Gospel and the Underside of
Earth Mixed with Water: Ecology and Russian modernism: The research
focuses on the interface between ecological issues and the arts in early
Russian modernism.
Environmental Concerns: How Does "Living Green" at College Matter?: A
naturally occurring field experiment at Emory to compare the attitudes,
identities, behaviors, and perceptions of environmental issues of first-year
students living in the “green” dorm.
Karen Hegtvedt
EC: Sociology
Hegtvedt, Karen
EC: Sociology
Irene Browne
EC: Sociology
Robert Agnew
EC: Sociology
Sam Cherribi
Environmental Concerns at Emory: Longitudinal, comparative survey study
of the impact of "living green" in Few/Evans (or conventional dorms) on
environmental attitudes, identity, and behavior. Also, in depth qualitative
interviews with students and SAs.
Projects related to discrimination and related challenges faced by Latino
immigrants in Atlanta.
The Impact of Climate Change on Crime: A Theoretical Model and Research
Agenda: Drawing on criminological theory and researh, argues that the
physical, biological, economic, and social effects of climate change will
likely increase crime.
World Values Survey Morocco
Cathryn Johnson
EC: Spanish & Portuguese
Tatjana Gajic
Environment and Bio-politics in the HIspanic World
EC: Spanish & Portuguese
Tatjana Gajic
Water and Bio-politics in Spain
EC: Theater and Dance
Vincent Murphy
Ecology plays
EC: Theater Studies
Sally Radell
Daniel Adame, Steven P.
School of Nursing
Linda McCauley
The impact of mirrors on body image and performance in college level
ballet dancers: I have an ongoing research agenda which is looking at how
the use of the mirror either positively or negatively affects ballet dancers’
body image.
Pregnancy Health Among Florida Farmworkers: How female farmworkers
in nursery and fernery operations in Florida assess their risks for workrelated hazards, specifically those that may impact pregnancy outcomes.
School of Nursing
Linda McCauley
Dean Linda McCauley
School of Nursing
Maeve Howett
School of Nursing
Maeve Howett
Oxford College
Patricia Owen-Smith
Prevent and Reduce Adverse Health Effects of Pesticides on Indigenous
Farmworkers: A 4-year community-based participatory collaboration with
Oregon Law Center focused on the priorities of indigenous farmworkers re
occupational health and safety.
Moultrie- foot washing: Annual trip to migrant worker's farms and fields
where we teach students how to care for them- two articles about
teaching touch to nursing students came from this experience.
Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit- Region 4: Monitoring
pediatric environmental health concerns in EPA Region 4 and proving
education and research opportunities.
Research on economic disparities as they intersect with female
Juan Diez Nicholas
Dean Linda McCauley, Dr.
Maureen Kelley
Elizabeth Downes, Judy
Wold, Ann Connor,
Maeve Howett
Bob Geller, Michele
Marcus, Maeve Howett
School of Business
Steve Walton
Current research interests include uses of electronic commerce
technologies for environmental and supply chain management,
environmental impacts of supply chain management and applications of
qualitative research methods.
multiple projects pertaining to access to health care and disability
discrimination; vulnerability of nonhuman animals.
School of Law
Ani Satz
School of Law
David Bederman
Globalization and International Law
School of Law
Johan van der Vyver
Protection of the environment in international humanitarian law.
School of Law
Jonathan Nash
School of Law
Robert Schapiro
School of Law
William Buzbee
Several projects involving the optimal design of environmental regulatory
instruments. These design questions have implications for society-at-large,
and arise in particular in the context of climate change.
Federalism and Climate Change: Examination of role of federalism in
addressing issues of climate change. Research culminated in chapter, "The
Varieties of Federalisms" in "Navigating Climate Change Policy in a Federal
Multiple projects relating to environmental protection, greenhouse gas
and climate change legislation, and intergenerational equity.
School of Nursing
Sara Edwards
Sustainability issues in Feeding Choice of Infants
School of Theology
Jacob Wright
War and Society in Ancient Israel
School of Theology
Thomas Frank
Atlanta Beltline Religious Buildings
School of Theology
Thomas Frank
Historic Houses of Worship in Peril
SOM: Pharmacology
Heather Kimmel
SOM:Emergency Medicine
Jeremy Hess
SOM:Emergency Medicine
Jeremy Hess
Project on increasing sustainability in biomedical research through lab
Liquid fuel use in Emergency Medical Services: Inventory the petroleum
based fuel use in Grady EMS, a large hospital based EMS organization, to
determine vulnerability to petroleum scarcity.
Sustainable Health Care in Academic Medical Centers: Review of strategies
for promoting sustainability in health care via academic medical centers.
SOM:Emergency Medicine
Jeremy Hess
Impact of Telemedicine on Fuel Usage: Evaluate the impact of a
telemedicine intervention on fuel use in a community in New York state.
Jeremy Hess
SOM:Hematology &
Medical Oncology
Omer Kucuk
Soy isoflavones in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer: Soy
isoflavones may be incorporated in human diet or may be taken as
supplements with potential preventive effects such as prostate cancer,
metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis and skeletal fractures.
Carlos Moreno, Viraj
Master, Adeboye
Osunkaya, Peter Rossi,
Wayne Harris
Jeremy Hess, Eric
Jeremy Hess, Ciannat
SOM:Hematology &
Medical Oncology
Omer Kucuk
lycopene in prevention and treatment of prostate, renal and hepatic
cancers and uterine leiomyoma: Tomato lycopene may be incorporated in
human diet or may be taken as a supplement with potential preventive
effects such as renal cancer, prostate cancer.
South Africa HIV Drug Resistance: Prevalence, outcomes and risk factors
for HIV drug resistance after virological failure on anti-retroviral therapy in
Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa, beginning 2004.
HIV Palliative Care Project: To improve access to care for patients with
severe HIV/AIDS through palliative care services.
Vincent Marconi
Vincent Marconi
Vincent Marconi
Vincent Marconi
Timothy Olsen
Recycling program within the department of ophthalmology
Mallard Benton
Ken Walker
Nursing and Emergency Education in the Republic of Georgia: Introducing
the specialty of emergency medicine to a transitional country; upgrading
the clinical skills of 2000 practicing nurses; starting a 4 year baccalaureate
degree nursing school.
Grace S. Rozycki, MD,
The Right Type of Helmet Makes All the Difference: An Injury Prevention
Initiative to Decrease Traumatic Brain Injury in Motorcyclists.
Judy Wold; Laura Hurt;
Kate Heilpern; Scott
Sasser; Christy Keyes; Alex
Isakov; Steve Lanski;
David Goo;
Amy Wyrzykowski, MD,
Sanjay Dhall, MD
SPH:Behavioral Sciences
and Health Education
Cam Escoffery
Research on smoke-free homes among low income households, and
projects on poverty and sustainability and rural health environment.
Lance Waller
Research projects that address health impacts of environmental and
ecological aspects of human and animal disease.
SPH:Environmental Health
Juan Leon
Research leading to improvements in health and economic prosperity of
individuals and nations by focusing on those in poverty and addressing
several social, economic, and environmental challenges.
Understanding Medication Adherence among HIV Patients: This project is
attempting to modify maladaptive adherence behavior using micropayments to encourage clinic attendance and adherence to anti-retroviral
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of HIV Treatment in the DoD and VA: Impact of
patient demographics and socioeconomic characteristics on HIV treatment
in a program with universal care without expense to patient.
Carlos Moreno, Adeboye
Osunkaya, Viraj Master,
Wayne Harris, Peter Rossi
Carlos del Rio
Carlos del Rio, Rachel
Friedman, Wendy
Armstrong, Nicholas
Vogenthaler, Richard
Pittman, Maura George
Carlos del Rio
David Rimland and Jodie
SPH:Environmental Health
Justin Remais
Climate benefits of sustainable sanitation in China
SPH:Environmental Health
Justin Remais
Long-term control of environmentally-mediated parasites
SPH:Environmental Health
Justin Remais
Climate-mediated disease in the Eastern US
SPH:Environmental Health
Karen Levy
SPH:Environmental Health
Karen Levy
SPH:Environmental Health
Karen Levy
SPH:Environmental Health
Matt Strickland
SPH:Environmental Health
Ryan Barry
Measures of Distribution System Water Quality and Their Relation to
Health Outcomes in Atlanta: An integrative approach for characterizing
health risks associated with microbial contamination of drinking water
distribution systems.
An Examination of the Climatic Drivers of Enteric Disease: The goal of the
proposed research is to examine the current and potential future impacts
of climate on the incidence of diarrheal disease under differing social
conditions in a variety of settings.
Environmental Change & Diarrheal Disease: A Natural Experiment: How
changes in the social and natural environment, mediated by road
construction, affect the epidemiology of pathogens causing diarrheal
diseases, and the spread of antibiotic resistance in E.coli.
Relationships between air pollutants and asthma exacerbations in a birth
cohort: Investigation of associations between urban air pollutants and
emergency department visits for pediatric asthma exacerbations in
Children's Exposure to Environmental Pesticides
SPH:Environmental Health
Ryan Barry
Massport/CDM AIr Toxics Study
SPH:Environmental Health
Ryan Barry
Retrospective Exposure Assessment for Perfluorooctanoic Acid
Michele Marcus
Racial disparities in pubertal development: African American girls reach
puberty a full year earlier than Caucasian girls.
SPH:Global Health
Amy Webb Girard
Sustainable Environments and Health through Urban Agriculture: Improve
the health and food security of HIV-affected households through
sustainable urban agriculture activities including goat rearing and
gardening of indigenous vegetables in Nakuru, Kenya.
SPH:Global Health
Amy Webb Girard
Orange Flesh Sweet Potato to improve maternal and infant nutrition:
Integrate support of vitamin A rich orange flesh sweet potato (OFSP) by
providing vouchers and nutrition education to women during antenatal
care visits.
Christine Moe, Paige
Tolbert, Stefanie Sarnat,
Mitch Klein
Karen Levy
Karen Levy
Strickland, Tolbert,
Schechter, Klein,
Paige Tolbert, Matt
Strickland, Lyndsey
Donald Cole &Daniel
Sellen,Toronto, Fiona
Yeudall, Ryerson, Samwel
Mbugua Egerton; Nancy
Karanja, Itl Potato Center
Donald Cole,Toronto; Jan
Low and Hermann
Oudraguou Intl Potato
Center; Mary Onyango
Ayunga Kenyarn Agrl Res
Institute; Carol Levin
SPH:Global Health
Christine Moe
SPH:Global Health
Deborah McFarland
SPH:Global Health
Deborah McFarland
SPH:Global Health
Deborah McFarland
Assessment of enteric viruses in sewage water at Gwinnett County: Reuse
of water from F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center at Lake Lanier for
non-potable purposes would help ease seasonal water shortages
experienced in Metro Atlanta.
Poverty alleviation through control/elimination of neglected tropical
diseases (NTDs)
Health systems performance and contribution to equity of religious health
assets in sub-Saharan Africa
Economic impact of malaria on households and health systems
SPH:Global Health
K.M. Venkat Narayan
Disparity in health, diabetes and globalization
Christine Moe, Pengbo
Liu, Marina Fernandez

Emory Sustainability-related Research Inventory 2010