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Ashley Hartleb
ENC 1102
9 October 2011
Opposite Sex
In the story the “The Opposite Sex” by Steven Doloff the author has a group of students
write an essay on if they were the opposite sex for a day. The male students have a problem
getting the essay started. The male students waited about all class to write this essay, unlike the
woman in the class. The males just “put off” the essay as whereas the girls jump right into the
essay. When the women turned in their essays and he read them, he noticed that most of the
women talk about “staying out all night, throwing clothes on the floor and left dishes in the sink”
(Doloff 796). Most males like to stay up later then woman do these days. The males go out and
party and cause trouble for the cops. When the males decided to start write their essay some of
them put how “putting on makeup and going to the beauty parlor…agreed looking good was
important (797). In the essay the author talks about how he noticed “one kid crumpled up his
paper after 10 times and growled” (797). This just shows that males have a hard time putting
themselves into a woman shoes for a day. For a male to say that he has ‘walked in her shoes” is
something that is not seen. Males just go do what they want and don’t worry about other things;
they think their lives are harder. So the males in the classroom had a harder time writing the
essays because, the males just don’t care.
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