Group 1 All groups should consider (1) the type of relationships, (2

Group 1
All groups should consider (1) the type of relationships, (2) examples of the transactional model, (3) the
continuum of interpersonal communication (relational history, rules, and uniqueness), and (4) the dark
and bright side of interpersonal communication. We will discuss these topics and all groups will need to
All groups should also consider this discussion question, which will be posed at the close of our movie
analysis: How could these media representations impact how individuals really engage in interpersonal
communication? Media are examples of those “guideposts” we discussed---is this a good example? Why
or why not?
Your group will analyze the examples of interpersonal communication based on two specific topics,
listed below. REMEMBER: The goal is to analyze characters in the film based on your group’s assigned
topic and the way it intersects with INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION.
As you view the movie and consider your topic, also consider these questions to guide your analysis:
Communication and Emotion
What were some examples of emotional contagion? Emotional experience? Emotional
communication? Emotional effects? Communicating emotionally?
o How did each impact interpersonal communication?
Did the use of emotion seem to enhance certain conversations? Explain your answer.
What were examples of the verbal and nonverbal cues used to communicate emotions?
o Was there any misinterpretation of emotions based on those cues? Explain.
Were there any examples of meta-emotions? If so, how did it impact interpersonal
Did you notice any major differences in the way emotions were communicated based on
gender? Culture? Did the cause a problem within interactions?
How did the context dictate the “feeling rules”?
Were there any examples of owning, I-messages, or reframing?
How was technology used to communicate?
o Did it impact conflict? Self-disclosure?
How did technology impact relationships?
Were there any examples of the bright side of technology? The dark side?
Were there instances where face-to-face communication would have been more useful than
technology? Vice versa? Explain your answer.
Notice that you are expected to go BEYOND simple “yes” or “no” responses. Provide detail and
examples. Also, keep in mind that there will be multiple examples of interpersonal communication. You
will need to make notes on more than one encounter. I will collect your notes at the end of the movie
analysis. Include dates to show which notes you took during each part of the analysis.