Sales Play Value Card: SAP HANA and Big Data
Solution Overview
Key Business Objectives
The rise of Big Data has ushered in a new era of
advanced business analytics. However, organizations
are quickly learning that the traditional database
architectures they have long relied on to manage this
process are ill-equipped to handle such large and
varied volumes of information. As a result, many
companies need an advanced data analytics platform
capable of helping them:
 Gain insights into business operations
 Unlock the value of Big Data
 Enhance decision making
 Improve competitive positioning
 Reduce deployment times
 Accelerate time to market
Market Opportunity
As business data grows, so too does the need to
analyze this information for a variety of purposes.
Since many organizations do not currently have a
database infrastructure capable of performing
comprehensive Big Data analytics, they must settle
for slower results or remove critical data from
operational applications and analytic models to
improve response time. For this reason, many of
these companies will benefit from a platform that can
process large volumes of information in real time –
and do so as efficiently as possible.
A solution that integrates SAP® HANA and NetApp®
storage, along with market-leading technologies from
Cisco, the NetApp scale-out solution for SAP HANA
provides an infrastructure that is optimized for Big
Solution Components
SAP Components
The NetApp scale-out solution for SAP HANA is built
on the following SAP technologies:
 SAP HANA: A multipurpose, in-memory
computing appliance that provides rapid, real-time
information access by storing databases in the
main memory of the computer, SAP HANA
enables organizations to process vast amounts of
transactional, analytical, and application data
much faster than traditional methods.
NetApp Components
The NetApp scale-out solution for SAP HANA
leverages numerous NetApp capabilities, including:
 Network File System (NFS) Storage: NetApp
NFS storage provides a building-block architecture
for HANA deployments, delivering logically
unlimited scalability. And since HANA was
developed on NetApp technology, organizations
can implement an optimized platform for their data
analysis infrastructure.
 NetApp Snapshot™ technology: Snapshot
technology enables failover of HANA databases
by creating disaster recovery copies that reside at
the storage layer and are asynchronously
replicated to a backup system, where they can be
accessed any time a failure occurs.
 NetApp MetroCluster™ software: MetroCluster
software leverages a combination of long-distance
clustering and synchronous mirroring to create an
extra layer of redundancy that helps organizations
increase the resiliency of their HANA
environments by minimizing the impact of both
planned and unplanned downtime.
 NetApp E-Series storage: The E-Series products
leverage the Apache Hadoop file system and
integration with NFS storage to provide support for
Big Data analytics.
 NetApp FlexPod®: The FlexPod data center
platform provides a preconfigured, validated
architecture for HANA deployments that is built on
technology from NetApp and Cisco.
 Clustered NetApp Data ONTAP® 8: With
clustered Data ONTAP 8, organizations can adopt
an agile data infrastructure that delivers
continuous information access by eliminating both
planned and unplanned downtime.
Cisco Components
The NetApp scale-out solution for SAP HANA
employs the following Cisco technologies:
 Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS): Cisco
UCS combines computing hardware, fabric
interconnects, virtualization support, and
management software into a cohesive platform
that can be managed as one unit.
 Cisco Nexus Switches: Cisco Nexus Switches
help consolidate separate LAN, SAN, and server
cluster network environments into a single
Ethernet fabric.
Average Deal Size – Storage Opportunity
 NetApp dollars per HANA/Big Data deployment
average $1 million
Customer Reference Profile
 eBay
 TransCanada
Target Customer Needs
Qualifying Questions
 How much data do you need to process for
analytical purposes?
 How long does it typically take to analyze a
specific set of data?
 In what ways has the growth in size and
complexity of data impacted your ability to analyze
information in a timely manner?
 How would decision making improve if you could
process and analyze large sets of data in real
Elevator Pitch
The NetApp scale-out solution for SAP HANA…
 Brings together the proven technologies,
resources, and expertise of NetApp, along with
Cisco, to help enterprises unlock the business
value of Big Data.
Competitive Positioning
The integration of NetApp storage and technologies
from Cisco with SAP HANA delivers a resilient, scaleout infrastructure that helps organizations optimize
analytics in the age of Big Data. This solution
leverages technologies that have been certified by
SAP for the HANA environment, giving businesses a
strong foundation on which to build their data
analytics capabilities. This approach is far safer and
more cost effective than competitive solutions, which
may require a significant amount of risky, complex,
and time-consuming integration activities – and often
fail to deliver the scalability required to process large
amounts of complex information and enable Big Data
As a result, your organization can:
 Ingest, store, and process Big Data
 Provide real-time decision support
 Act within a specific window of opportunity
 Enable state-of-the-art predictive analytics
 Improve planning and make smarter, more
targeted decisions
We do this by…
 Integrating NetApp storage and technologies from
Cisco with SAP HANA to create a scale-out
infrastructure optimized for the analysis of large
sets of complex data.
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