Pfizer Academic-Industrial Relations (AIR)
Diversity in Chemistry
Research Fellowship 2013-2014
Pfizer Inc. discovers, develops, manufactures and markets leading prescription
medicines for humans and animals, and many of the world’s best-known consumer
products. Pfizer is committed to creating a culturally diverse workplace by giving
eligible diversity students the opportunity to conduct scientific research. The AIR
Diversity Program is awarding fellowships to selected candidates to work in an
academic laboratory in one of the following areas: synthetic organic chemistry,
analytical chemistry, crystallography, computational chemistry or structural biology
under a professor’s supervision.
Minority chemistry majors who are motivated and interested in gaining experience in
disciplines conducive to drug discovery are preferred. Sponsorship by a professor,
coursework in any of the following disciplines: organic synthesis, analytical chemistry,
crystallography, computational chemistry or structural biology and lab experience are
required to be eligible for this program. The selected candidates will be given a $15,000
fellowship for research at his/her university during the academic year. The fellowship
awardees will be invited to present their research at a poster session or seminar hosted
at the Pfizer facilities in La Jolla, CA at the end of the summer.
Note: The deadline for receipt of a completed application is October 21th, 2013.
Please send the completed application, a written 1-5 page proposal (written by the
applicant) and letters of recommendation from your prospective research advisor and
department head to the address below. The advisor should include a brief explanation
of his/her willingness to sponsor you for this fellowship. Electronic applications are
Indrawan McAlpine
Oncology Medicinal Chemistry/Diversity AIR Committee Chair
Pfizer Global R & D – La Jolla Laboratories
10770 Science Center Drive (CB2)
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: (858) 622-6061
[email protected]

2013 AIR Diversity Fellowship Flyer