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Binomial Nomenclature Project
For this project, you will be designing your very own organism (plant or animal). You will need
to pick any of the following combinations: an animal and an animal, a plant and a plant, or an
animal and a plant. Once you decide your combination, you will then combine
two known organisms together to create your own. (50 points total)
Your Project Must Include:
A picture of your organism
A picture of your organism in its habitat
Scientific name of your organism
A description on the back of your drawing, explaining your organism:
 Your organism’s scientific name and common name.
 What habitat does your organism require?
 What are the physical characteristics of your organism?
 What are your organism’s adaptions that help it survive in its
particular habitat?
 What food does your organism eat?
 How did your organism originate?
 Any other information you think would be beneficial for scientists
studying your organism to know.
Binomial Nomenclature Project Grading Rubric
Picture of your organism
Picture of your organism in its habitat
Scientific name
Description of your organism (back of your drawing)
o All of the questions are answered
Creativity, neatness, and effort
_______ / 10
_______ / 10
_______ / 5
_______ / 20
_______ / 5
Total: _________/50
** Submit this paper with your project by Wednesday, October 15th.

Name: Date:______ Period:______ Binomial Nomenclature Project