Coral Seas Video Part #1 Name: : Date: Do corals Fight? How long

Name: _______________________________________________________________________Period: ________________ Date: __________________
1. Do corals Fight?
2. How long does it take for the coral egg to become a polyp?
3. What is it called when identical copies of a coral polyp split?
4. What does each polyp surround its self with?
5. How fast can coral grow?
6. How old is a mature reef?
7. What is the foundation for which the whole reef community is built?
8. Where do christmas tree worms live?
9. Why do open ocean animals return to the reef?
10. What size fishes are found at the reefs?
11. Why do whale sharks visit the reef if they are open ocean dwellers?
12. What supports a coral polyp?
13. Where are reefs found? Why?
14. Why does coral need light?
15. How much of the food corals eat does not come from the algae within them?
16. How do coral regulate the amount of sunlight they need?
How do we see it?
17. During the day how do corals stay safe?
18. What has to happens to make the coral tentacles grow?
19. What do polyps eat?
20. How do polyps get food?
21. What causes the polyps to retract?
22. When do corals grow?
23. What is the coral reef made of?
24. How do corals detect one another?
25. How do corals fight?
26. What does crown of thorns starfish eat?
27. How can coral defend its self if it cannot move?
28. How strong are the jaws of humphead parrot fish?
How does it eat?
29. What erodes down the coral reef?
30. What does humphead parrot fish produce tons of each year? How?
31. How are the beaches on Australia formed?
32. How can parrot fish help out terns?
33. What helps more plants to form on islands?
34. What is one of the top predators on a reef?
35. How do silver sides defend them self from predators?
36. How are the clear shrimp similar to bees?
37. How do lion fish hunt?
38. What color are harlequin shrimp?
39. Why does the harlequin shrimp have to get a star fish on its back to transport it?
40. What is the top of the reef covered with?
41. Why can’t the powder blue tangs fight of the convict tangs?
42. What does a basket star look like?
43. What do fish do at night on the reef?
44. How do marble rays find their prey?
45. Why do sharks have the upper hand hunting at night?
46. What allows white tips to hunt in coral reefs?