Word Copy

(2 points)
Review Density of the Earth’s Materials
75 points
Fill in the blank (7 points)
Choose the letter of the answer that best completes each statement.
1. The mixture of gases that surrounds the earth is called ____________
2. Which is the probable density of the Inner Core? ____________
3. The outer core is composed of ____________
4. The very center of the earth is called the ____________
____________has a density of about 0.0013g/mL.
has a density of 1g/mL.
7. Particles or rock or organic materials that have been carried along and deposited by
water are known as ____________
True or False (14 points)
If the statement is correct, write “correct.” If it is not correct, change the underlined word
or words to make the statement correct.
1. We live on the mantle.
2. The Earth (including air & water) is made up of two layers.
3. The density of the atmosphere is 3.3-5.7 g/mL.
4. Density is mass divided by volume
5. Density effects how sediments cause layers.
6. The thinnest layer of the earth is the crust.
7. If something is denser than water, it will sink in water.
8. The layer of the earth that extends from the bottom of the crust to the core is the water.
9. As you travel from the crust to the core of the earth the density stays the same.
Concept Mapping (7 points)
Complete the following concept map for this unit.
(Most dense)
(Least dense)
Breaks up Sediment
Sorted by Property
Concept Mastery (45 points)
1. Using density, explain why the crust “floats” above the mantle. (5 points)
2. Why does the earth separate its layers by density? (5 points)
Extra Credit:
Buffalo Book
On a separate sheet of
paper stapled.
3. Why are the inner core solid and the outer core liquid? (5 points)
4. What could happen to the big boulders on the side of the stream during a heavy spring
run-off? (5 points)
5. The outer core of the earth is very hot and liquid. Why is the outer core liquid even
though it is near the densest layer? (5 points)
6. A large block of wood is placed in water with a small steel block. Why does the wood
float even though it is larger than the small steel block which sinks? (5 points)
7. How does heat cause the air in the atmosphere to move? (7 points)
8. Joe Student went skiing at a Northern Utah Ski Resort in the mountains. The day was
warm, clear and the sky was blue. His mom went shopping in Salt Lake City, where it
was cold and there was an inversion of thick dirty air. Use density and temperature to
describe how this happens. (8 points)
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