Minutes - Broward County!

Go Solar Florida Plans/Plans Approval Team
July 14th Conference Call Minutes
Call Participants: Keith Showalter, FSEC; Aneta Duhigg, Orange County; Alan Plante, Orange County; Cindy Nielsen, Orange
County; Greg Ferrone, Alachua County; Kay Sommers, Broward County; Michael Huneke, Broward County
Meeting Discussion Summary
Plans System
Update on Electrical and Structural System Demo: Link to Version 2.0 sent out, the additions since the last version are:
 An interactive server software that connects to the client application in the browser.
 A database to store component and user data.
 A channel between the browser application that syncs the user inputs to the server database.
 A user account system.
 The benefits of a framework:
- Most of the functions common to all web applications are included.
- A lot of the security and browser compatibility issues are already solved.
- There are a lot of modules that can add useful features without us having to write the code.
(The user account system is an example).
- Future updates to the above will require minimal work by us.
 Path forward: Version 2.0 not fully functional, currently working on further rebuilding, Version 2.0b due out week of
July 20th. This version will be more functional.
 Summary of Version Releases: Version 2.0 will optimize electrical algorithms. Version 2.1 will be released
approximately one month later and will optimize structural algorithms. Version 2.2 will finalize plans package and
feature a fully functional database for algorithm calculations. Database will initially be populated with American
suppliers of modules, inverters, rail systems etc. Stephen working on revised schedule including plans system version
release dates.
Code Revisions: no new discussion.
Certification Process
 Master Design Manual: no new discussion.
 Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF): no new discussion
1. Summary of Strategies for Engaging: contact BOAF Board of Directors to discuss possible use of their
mailing list for a Plans System email, or a link on the BOAF website to the Go SOLAR Florida website.
 Contractor and Solar Community Advisory Group: no new discussion, next call end of July or early August.
 Training/ Class CEUs: no new discussion:
1. Summary of Training Approach: training will be worked on in parallel with plans system, FSEC to conduct
a meeting to discuss options for web training and needed resources and schedule. Draft training program
by early August, complete in September, open on-line training to select group by early October. Select
group to include Plans Team and Solar Advisory Board. FSEC working on establishing CEUs for Plans System
training and possible class at next year’s BOAF Annual Convention.
Other Discussion: Browser incompatibility issues will need to be addressed for Plans System. System will need to be
compatible with IE 8 and newer, Firefox, Chrome and smartphones.
Action Items
 Stephen to provide plans system version release 2.0b (by end of week of July 20th).
 Stephen to follow-up about speaking at Central Florida Building Officials Meeting (on-going).
Next Conference Call: Tuesday, July 28th 2:00 p.m.
Call-in Number: 954-357-5480