Pinjarra Shorthorns hit 270c/kg Westcoast Livestock reports that

Pinjarra Shorthorns hit 270c/kg
Westcoast Livestock reports that agents yarded a total of 2972 cattle at the Muchea Selling Centre, including 355 calves sold by
Increased numbers of pastoral cattle saw the total yarding up 452 from last week. As a result competition was more selective.
Local Trade cattle remained fully equal on recent quotes while killable pastoral heifers lifted 5-6c/kg selling to a 184c/kg top.
Lightweight steers for the paddock sold to strong competition, peaking at 270c/kg while heifers made up to 219c/kg.
Prices for cows eased on subdued competition from all processors. Heavy slaughter cows sold to a top of 176c/kg, back 15c/kg,
while medium weight cows eased 10-12c/kg. Heavy slaughter bulls were back 20-25c/kg selling mostly in the 160-170c/kg range.
Top Prices
L Okley, Gingin
5 Angus heifers, 432kg, 229c, $989
9 Angus steers, 449kg, 229c, $1,055
Erindoon Trust
23 Shorthorn heifers, 204kg, 219c, $446
20 Shorthorn steers, 214kg, 258c, $552
20 Shorthorn steers, 189kg, 270c, $510
JA Richardson & Co
2 M/Grey x heifers, 452kg, 210c, $949
4 Red Poll x heifers, 333kg, 182c, $606
7 Red Poll x cows, 368kg, 150c, $552
3 M/Grey x bulls, 811kg, 170c, $1376
Westdale Dexter Stud, Jelocobine
1 Dexter steer, 372kg, 175c, $651
1 Dexter x bull, 632kg, 175c, $1106
RHG & BS Alp, Gingin
7 Angus x cows, 565kg, 160c, $905
1 Angus bull, 972kg, 150c, $1458
E & SJ Bett & Son, Mundijong
1 Angus cow 562kg, 160c, $899
1 Angus bull, 534kg, 165c, $881
PD Barrett-Lennard, Gingin
17 Angus cows, 708kg, 160c, $1133
10 Angus cows, 542kg, 165c, $895
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