1997-11-16 Divine Help to Establish Unity_1a

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1997-11-16 Divine Help to Establish Unity_1a
Societies on Earth received Divine help from G-d to establish community life. They are known today for
that and do not hide that from anybody.
Many prophets came to Jews to help them establish their life, but one recognized as the greatest of
them is Moses. Moses came to lead them to community establishment. He's also seen as a liberator. He
helped them to see their way out of bondage.
Discussion of events to bring them to have a community life.
Moses is seen in the Bible organizing the leaders so they will be able to function as a society under
Divine Law. He organized the professional, skilled people so they will have a system of government.
The Christians of Europe, America and the world were also given Divine help to establish community life.
The Protestant Movement started by Martin Luther taken by Pilgrims who were oppressed by the
Church of England. The Pilgrims came here to establish their lives, to have freedom of religion in a new
land where the Church could not deny them their rights. They called this new chance to establish their
lives the New Destiny.
After studying the Old and New Testaments, they saw a direction they believed G-d was giving them for
a new society more helpful for people than Old Jerusalem. For New Jerusalem they struggled, sacrificed
their lives and their wealth.
We live in America and enjoy its freedom, and tend to credit government without seeing the religious
role. The Founding Fathers of this country were religious Christians. Some of them were knowledgeable
in the Qur'an, and desired that one day Muslims would come to America. They saw the similarity of
Christianity and Islam in terms of the vision for man in society.
Divine help has made America great. When the religious people who respect the traditional values begin
to ask their leaders to do something about the terrible condition in their lives of too much secularism
and too little faith, they put pressure on the government to bring the healthy balance back.
After centuries of debate on what Christianity is, Catholicism was formed. The Gnostic Order, from the
word for psyche and maybe soul, believed that the power of man is in the psyche. If you did not have a
powerful psyche or spiritual power, you were not in the leadership of that order. They made a mistake:
they missed the direction that G-d gave them through Jesus Christ. This issue is addressed in the Qur'an.
In the Qur'an they are referred to as daaleen, meaning they missed what they were after. The Gnostics
thought they were to have a theocracy. The revelation regarding this order has a great place in Islam.
Reading of the mission that G-d gave Jesus Christ, his order of responsible helpers is called "Helpers."
They are asked to be helpers; helpers in the path that will take us to G-d. That's where they went off;
they thought it was literally "a path to G-d."
So the Gnostics went up to the sky to find G-d and missed the mark.
Allah let there be inspired in the Christian community that was oppressed, gave them helpers to see
their way out of the darkness of the Church they were under into the light of freedom. I don't think the
Protestants had the best understanding of religion, but they had the best understanding of freedom of
Most of us understand religion as help from G-d for our souls, help for our individual life. We don't see
religion as help for our public life. That is the way the great Deceiver plans for the world to see it: that
religion is a personal matter, to reduce the effect of the great religion to the effect of idol worship. G-d
intends that mankind comes back to Him, where everything started; that is bigger than a personal
Religious people have been cheated. Satan has blinded the leaders, caused them to miss the mark, and
they have shortchanged us.
They have given us religious freedom that is not freedom at all, but religious slavery. When religious
freedom really comes, the government is going to respect religion as a bigger matter than politics
Today is the day of religion: the time of the victory of the light that G-d gives over the light, knowledge
and ideologies of the world. Communism claimed it was going to give man the ideal society. Democracy
claimed it was going to give man the ideal society.
The secular world continued to grow, the values of society went down. America almost lost its light; the
Communist world collapsed, and now this is the day of religion. I'm not saying that Communism or
Democracy is Satan, but the direction they took was influenced by the Great Satan. But Satan has lost.
Satan is not like us; when we suffer a loss like that, we give up.
Community Establishment, Protestant, Martin Luther, Gnostics, theocracy, daaleen (Qur'anic term), Day
of Religion