Truth Essay

Alexis Dobson
November 20, 2014
Ames Period 4
Humanities Essay
An essential part of our human nature is to be curious. Throughout human history, it has been
an everlasting puzzle trying to piece together what everything means and the truths behind what we
know. In the beginning, people said that religion is the truth and it explained everything. The GrecoRoman times had a god for everything, and this was their truth. However, as time has progressed we
have figured out that there are more real explanations for events that can be proven through science.
When we started having this revelation of ideas there were people who were against proving anything
else than religion as an answer.
Good ideas:
Why do you think curiosity is essential to being human? (2nd+ sentences)
Avoid “in the beginning” – maybe start “For some, truth is found in the passages of the Bible; for
others in the Koran etc. or from science, etc.
Transition to Greco-Roman times – that for centuries found their truths in the mythology –
Not everyone still finds truth in the sciences – that conflict still continues - reason for climate
change, evolution, the start of life, etc.
Last sentence doesn’t take you anywhere…start getting to your central idea – your position on
the prompt and the reasons why your position is more valid – thesis
Good luck!