Caring for your Cat after Declaw Surgery

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Caring for your Cat
after Declaw Surgery
What to expect at home?
When you pick up your cat from the hospital,
your cat may either be groggy or may act
completely normal. Each pet reacts to
anesthesia differently. It is not abnormal for
your cat to want to rest or be left alone for the
remainder of the day. Normally, cats are
hospitalized overnight so that we may remove
the bandages the following day, so the cat
should no longer be as groggy. However, your
cats behavior may still be slightly altered for a
day or two.
Please monitor your pet at home for the
following tonight:
Constant vomiting or diarrhea
Extreme lethargy
Pale gum color
Labored breathing
Unusual behavior
If you observe any of these, please do not
hesitate to call us back at 630-307-9115. If
something occurs after our normal business
hours, please contact an emergency hospital
We may have sent your cat home with pain
medication and/or antibiotics. Your nurse or
doctor will explain how to administer and how
often to give these medications. Please follow
directions as indicated. Do not hesitate to ask
us questions regarding medication or any other
inquiries you may have after your visit with us
Other Important Things
 Check the toes daily for swelling or
discharge. Keep the paws dry. You may
notice glue on the toes which is a skin
adhesive used to close the incisions.
 Use only shredded paper or a paper
litter such as “Yesterday’s News”
(available at your local pet supply store)
for the next 14 days. Access to other
regular litter or dirt can result in
 The recovery time varies with each cat.
Most cats will be healed in 2-6 weeks. If
you cat is limping more than 5 days
after surgery please call. Larger and/or
older cats may take longer to heal.
 Please schedule a follow-up
appointment in 10-14 days to make
sure your pet has healed well after the