Conference Program The conference venue: ZIJINGANG

Conference Program
The conference venue:
ZIJINGANG International Hotel
No 796 Shenhua Road, Hangzhou
杭州申花路 796 号(浙江大学紫金港校区正大门)
Hotel website:
紫金港国际饭店房间预定电话: 0571-89710000
紫金港大酒店房间预定电话: 0571-89977006
August 25 (Monday), 2014
15:00 – 20:00, Registration
August 26 (Tuesday), 2014
8:00 — : Registration
8:45 — 9:00 : Opening Session (at No. 3 ZIJIN Hall On the 3rd Floor)
9:00 — 9:40 : Invited talk
Prof. Kaizhu Huang (Xijiao Liverpool University)
9: 40— 9:50 : Coffee break
9:50 — 12:00 : Session 1 (at No. 3 ZIJIN Hall , 15 mins per presentation)
11 Interaction between CPG and Cerebral Cortex Based on Neural Mass Model
"Bin He, Qiang Lu"
27 Research of P300 Feature Extraction Algorithm based on ICA and Wavelet Transform
"Yupeng Wang, Jizhong Shen, Jianwei Liang, Yu Ji"
52 Parallel Emerging Patterns in MicroArray
"Yalin Nie, Haijun Wang, Xinguo Lu, Yujie Qin"
63 Roles of Affect in Conceptual Change Modeling
"Choo-Yee Ting, Yok-Cheng Sam, Kok-Chin Khor, Chiung Ching Ho"
70 Simulated Annealing Monte Carlo Tree Search for large POMDPs
73 Characterization of generic and personalized on-screen vibrotactile patterns
"Camille Chauvelin, Thibaut Sagi, Philippe Coni, Jean-Marc Andre, Christophe Jauze, V 閞
onique Lespinet-Najib"
91 Optimization Design of High Stable Flexspline For Harmonic Drive System
"Jutao Wang, Chunjie Wang"
94 Research on Customer Knowledge Management Based on CRM
"Guoao Xu"
101 High-speed large dimensional measurement based on based on line structured light and
camera scanning
"Wei Zhu, Jianli Li, Li Tian, Qianqian Xin, Yangzhu Yang"
115 Nonlinear Modeling and Control of Active Magnetic Bearings for A Flywheel Energy Storage
"Chih-Keng Chen, Trung-Dung Chu"
12:00 — 13: 00 : Lunch (on the ground floor)
13:30 — 15:30 : Session 2 (at No. 3 ZIJIN Hall, 15 mins per presentation)
118 Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Tourist Guide System Based on Mobile Devices
"Yaohua Yu"
136 A Nearest Neighbor Method with a Frequency Graph for Traveling Salesman Problem
"Yong Wang"
158 Fast Hessian Frobenius Norm Based Image Restoration
"Pengfei Liu, Liang Xiao"
166 Research of Asteroid Landing Trajectory Optimization Based on Gauss Pseudo-spectral
"Hong Wang,Mujun Xie,Peng Zhang,Yuanchun Li"
171 Teaching Interface of Finger Braille Teaching System using Tablet Computers
"Yasuhiro Matsuda, Tsuneshi Isomura"
174 A Method for Trajectory Planning of Mobile Robot in Random Obstacles Environment
"Myongchol Tokgo, Renfu Li, Cholwon Kim, Lin Hu, Myongchol Kim"
202 When Arduino Meets Kinect: An Intelligent Ambient Home Entertainment Environment
"Yuhui You; Tiffany Tang; Yichen Wang"
205 Apply Low-Level Image Feature Representation and Classification Method to Identifying
Shaft Orbit of Hydropower Unit
"Jiatong Bao, Zhengwei Zhu, Hongru Tang, Ting Lu, Qi Zhang"
207 Improved Fast Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Set Theory
"Wei Jia, Jinyuan Yang , Yanbin Liu, Lilue Fan, Qingqiang Ruan"
214 Model Checking Business Processes for Web Service Compositions in mCRL2
"Meng Sun, Shaodong Li, Yufei Ou"
15: 30— 15:40 : Coffee break
15:40 — 17:40 : Session 3 (at No. 3 ZIJIN Hall, 15 mins per presentation)
227 Development of the design and analysis system for the solar array drive mechanism
"Yan Liang, Chunjie Wang, Shunguang Song"
241 Simulation for Promotion of Solar Energy Diffusion in Residential Consumer Market with
Agent-based Modeling and Random Forest
"Yuanyuan Guo, Hong Zhang, Jiangshan Dong, Di Shen, Jingyuan Yin*"
242 Secure Data Aggregation based on Interval Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks
"Yafang Lu, Xu Feng, Kefu Yi, Jiangwen Wan"
243 Globally Optimal Estimates for Rotation Averaging Problems
"Fengkai Ke, Jingming Xie, Youping Chen, Dailin Zhang."
248 A Method to Analyse and Eliminate Stochastic Noises of FOG Based on ARMA and Kalman
Filtering Method
"Xiaojing Li, Jiabin Chen, Yong Shangguan"
250 An Effective and Secure Epidemic Routing for Disruption-Tolerant Networks
"Xuan Liang, Junxiang Qin, Meimei Wang, Donghao Wang, Jiangwen Wan"
254 H∞ Consensus of Multi-agent Systems with Random Time-delay
"Liu Haiwei, Wang Bing"
256 $H_{\infty}$ Control for Neutral Stochastic Systems with Markovian Switching
"Bo Song, Ya Zhang, Zheng-Guang Wu"
261 Distributed Real-time Networked Control Architecture for Suppressing Wind Load
Deformation of Fourier Telescope
"Zhiyuan Cheng,Caiwen Ma"
267 Mobile Robot Control by BCI Based on Motor Imagery
"Wendi Song, Xiangzhou Wang, Shuhua Zheng, Yingzi Lin"
268 A self-regulating dynamic compensation algorithm for electro-hydraulic proportional valve
controlled cylinder system
"Rui Mao,Xiwei Peng"
17:40 — : Dinner and Closing (on the ground floor)
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