Title: Behavior Specialist - EBED Community Improvement Inc.

EBED Community Improvement
Job Description
Title: Behavior Specialist
Supervisor: Quality Assurance Manager
FSLA: Exempt
Salary Range: $45,000-$55,000
Written Date: 02-25-2015
Job Responsibilities:
EBED Community Improvement Inc. is currently seeking an energetic, outgoing, and
passionate individual to become part of our team as a Behavioral Specialist. We are seeking an
experienced Behavior Specialist. The individual in this key position will develop and implement
behavioral interventions and training plans using non-aversive approaches. The population is
comprised of individual with Autism and other neurobehavioral challenges. Specific
responsibilities include overseeing the behavior management program, providing training to
staff and developing protocols and guidelines for individual.
The encumbrance will work one-on-one with individuals, closely monitoring emotional
responses in order to match the difficulty of the material and method of instruction to the
individual’s ability level and rate of learning. You must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or have
equivalent extensive training specifically in research supported behaviors for autism and
disruptive behavior disorders.
Job Requirements
The Behavioral Specialist position consists of implementing individualized behavioral
programming including:
Provide consultation support in the development of individual behavior plans, ensuring
that behavior procedures are carried out;
Assists in the development of programs to establish alternative behaviors.
Conducts training sessions for direct support staff for implementation of behavior
Monitor implementation of behavior plan by direct support staff, assist in the
orientation of new staff to behavior plans, and perform other clinical duties.
Oversees maintenance of documentation (data, graphs), records and reports for each
individual with behaviors, including timely and thorough completion of evaluation
reports, progress notes, and correspondence.
Providing direct 1:1 Therapy service in an individual's home, day program, or other
natural environment when needed.
Effectively responding to and minimizing difficult or disruptive behaviors.
Creating a fun, motivating experience to generate the highest level of performance for
every individual.
Providing support to parents, resource coordinator, and direct support staff to make the
most of their efforts in making our programs universal across all areas of the individual's
Establish and maintain a respectful, professional and cooperative relationship with
Influence individual behavior by positive role modeling, negotiation, teaching and
mentoring them.
Keep detailed log of individual behavior and report any issues or unusual activity.
Encourage individual involvement in work, social, recreational or other therapeutic
activities that enhance the individual’s interpersonal skills and builds social
Cooperate with other staff and share information that is productive for individual
Communicate needs (staff or individual) to the office so that they can be followed up
and addressed.
As a Behavior Specialist with EBED Community Improvement, Inc. you will enjoy a professional,
yet relaxed working environment. Our primary office is located in Lanham with additional
branches throughout Maryland.
Qualified Employees receive:
Medical Insurance Coverage
Paid Time Off / PTO
401K Retirement Plan
Bachelor's degree in psychology, education, or allied discipline. Master's degree
Two years experiences working with the developmentally disabled or individual with
behavior disorders.
Previous training in applied behavior analysis and theoretical understanding and
philosophical appreciation for behavioral intervention in a clinical setting is preferred.
At least one years of supervisory experience is highly preferred.
Must be able to organize and manage time and manage multiple tasks.
Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Knowledge of normal/abnormal growth and development throughout the age
Must be energetic, animated, outgoing with a passion for helping individual achieve
their true potential.
Strong computer skills are preferred and reliable internet connection to input data
consistently is required.
Reliable transportation and Clean driving record
Must pass background and drug test