Literacy – This half-term, we will be linking the majority of our literacy

Literacy – This half-term, we will be linking the majority
of our literacy work to our topic on Ancient Greece. We
will be reading and exploring the content and structure
of Greek myths, giving us the tools and understanding
to be able to write our own. We will also be looking at
journalistic styles of writing and non-fiction texts.
Alongside this, our handwriting, spelling and grammar
work will continue.
Art and Design Technology –
Through our topic, we will be
looking closely at the art and
Greece. We will look closely at
the patterns and pictures used
on Greek vases and vessels
and use the ideas to design
and create our own.
Numeracy – This half term we will be consolidating
and building on last term’s understanding,
developing our knowledge of times tables and
working hard to develop our ability to use written
multiplication methods. We will also learn about
the Ancient Greek mathematicians and what
knowledge they gave us.
PE and Games – In Games on a Monday, the
children will be working on their fitness and
multi-skills (speed, agility and balance). On a
Tuesday in PE, we will be exploring different
styles of dance from around the World, drawing
on the expertise of Kathy Wilson, a local dance
instructor. Please ensure full kit is in school on
these days.
History and Geography - We
will be considering life in
Ancient Greek times, great
wars and battles, mythology,
art and architecture, gods and
goddesses….. such a wide and varied topic, we
will no doubt run out of time before we cover all
that we would like to do! Research will lead us
into having a better understanding of the past
and the rich cultures that sprung from Ancient
Homework – A new list of possible homework tasks has
been sent home in their books. Once again the children
can choose which activities suit and interest them.
Many are linked to our new topic, to help extend their
learning and interest in the subject. The list is not
exhaustive and if you wish to do something that is not
on it, please do, as long as it done to a high standard.
Science – this term our topic is
biology based, mainly looking
at plants. We will explore their
structure, the function of their
parts and how they grow and
survive in different conditions.
MFL – We will continue building Music – The unit covered will develop the
on our Spanish vocabulary and children’s ability to create simple rhythmic
understanding of other cultures.
patterns and perform them rhythmically using
notation as support.
R.E. – With Mrs Nicholson, the children will be
exploring Hinduism; the gods, temples, beliefs
and stories.
Computing - We will be
through the use of Scratch,
making our own animations
come alive on the screen.