Team 4 Paper paper


All around the world people use paper for various purposes. We never think about where it comes from, but as a mass produced consumer product it goes through several stages of the product life cycle.

There is not much research on the making of paper, as it is a cemented process.

However, during this process of paper making, environmental issues are of concern. Carbon monoxide gas, toxic waste chemicals, and the use of energy builds up over time, and due to the demand, these wastes build up rapidly. We also cut down multiple forests to produce our products of everyday use. Research is being done to minimize waste build up. Recycled paper is used as a fiber source for new paper products. Biomass, a non-fossil fuel material of biological origin constituting a renewable energy source, is being researched to be used in the paper making process.

Paper is such a widely used product, that there is minimal research for trying to market the it. The need for marketing is not necessary due to the constant demand and integral necessity of it in the consumer world. Although there are multiple companies that produce paper, due to standardized prices, there is a lack of competition in the markets and not much advertisement is required.

The manufacturing of paper requires multiple resources such as energy, water, wood fiber, and other materials. Wood, recovered paper and paper board, are processed in pulp mills, paper production factories, and integrated mills. During this process, many environmental issues are addressed by solutions such as efficient use of recovered fiber and using self-generating sources of energy. Office paper is usually sold in reams of five hundred sheets and packaged in paper or plastic wrapping.

When paper finally becomes a final product it is shipped from warehouses to various distributors. They are further distributed to consumers such as big corporations, schools, universities, and households.

Ten thousand sheets of paper are used by a single office worker per year. It is not only used in offices, but also books, tissues, wrapping paper, and many others. It is projected that people will throw away nearly fifteen million tons of paper in this decade, and 95 percent of this paper will eventually be thrown out recycled.

There are multiple ways to dispose paper, the most environmentally friendly, is recycling.

When paper is recovered and recycled, the materials in the used paper such as the fibers can be reused to manufacture new paper products. Since paper is such a demanded product, the manufacturing is simple, however the disposal of paper causes a great deal of harm to our environment and therefore in the product life cycle, research is being done to cut down on the waste of the product.