sport premium accountability and impact review september 2015




The school received a


9440 Sport premium grant in the academic year 2014/15


APRIL 2015




Super passport is the umbrella organisation that works in conjunction with our SGO to provide staff with access to CPD courses (as outlined above) and pupils with access to a whole range of sporting opportunities. Further details can be found via the 'super passport' tab on the school website.








To support staff with the delivery of the New P.E. curriculum, the following courses have been funded this academic year;

Training/CPD Provider / Tutor Delegate Names Attending, or

details of Activity

2 members of staff School Support - foundation training

Tuesday 13th January 2015 - am

School Support - large apparatus training

Monday 27th April 2015

Whole School - TOP Games Training

Monday 16th March 2015

Real PE

6th Nov 2014 3rd Dec 2014 11th Feb 2015

9.30 - 3.30pm

Claudine Fulton

Claudine Fulton

Sharon Denney

Create Development: tutor Natalie


14 members of staff

14 members of staff

Sue Mileham

SSOC Training - follow up

4th November 2014 4-6pm

TOP Skills to Play

TOP Challenge

5th March 2015 9.30 - 3.30pm

First FUNS

18th March 2015 9.30 - 3.30pm

Ursuline College Thanet Super

Passport Tutor: Jo Pilgrim

Sue Mileham

Youth Sport Trust Tutor: Jo Pilgrim Laura Howe

Youth Sport Trust Tutor: Jo Pilgrim Nicola Page and Michelle Marshall

Create Development: tutor Natalie


Nicola Smith Jenny Middleton


20th May 2015 9.30 - 3.30pm

Create Development: tutor Natalie


Nicola Page Bev Porter

In addition Palm Bay Primary School has also benefited from attendance at the following PE Networking meetings as a

Super Passport member.


Term 2

Term 3

Term 5

Term 6

25 November 2014 12.30 - 4pm

27th January 2015 4 - 6pm

19 May 2015

09 July 2015

4 - 6pm

12.30 - 4pm


Role of the PE Lead

Sue Mileham

Sue Mileham & Lizzie Williams

Super Passport 2016 Sue Mileham

Assessment Sue Mileham


The release of the PE Leader to manage the sport premium offer has continued to provide pupils with PE and school sport experiences that are additional to their 2 hour PE offer in curriculum time. These include;

Extra intra school competitions delivered in conjunction with the school sports organising crew

Off- site enrichment visits

District festivals and Kent School Games qualifying events

The PE leader has also provided in-school staff support through the delivery of CPD to new staff members, as well as providing support with curriculum planning and team teaching.

The staff has continued to benefit from the PE leader providing guidance with the

New Curriculum as well as additional support with planning and delivery.

The combination of additional PE, upskilling staff and increasing participation rates has enabled the school to achieve the Youth Sport Trust GOLD award and the

School Games Gold mark for outstanding PE and school sport this year.


The PE leader has also increased pupils

participation rates in

‘ passport

events significantly. 68% of all KS2 pupils had an opportunity to represent the school at sport. Pupils who represented the school were a cross section of abilities and spread across both genders. The drive to increase participation rates has amongst pupils has also increased the involvement of other staff members in after school sports events, which has been a significant motivating factor for some pupils. The

’ role of honour

has encouraged more pupils to put themselves forward for school teams and after school clubs and the success of the termly sports assemblies has also had an impact.

The following strengths were identified by the Youth Sport trust quality mark assessor who visited the school in term 5

PE is embedded across the school and is a high profile subject

Staff understand the difference between PE, school sport and physical activity and the benefits of each.

Good time allocated per week for PE for all students

Teaching and learning is strong following the high level of CPD for staff

The staff share the PE department vision.

Assessment is very strong in PE as is reporting to parents and parental engagement.

Extra-curricular opportunities are vast and varied but always have a pathway to an external provider.

There is a real ‘can do’ attitude within the school.

Participation is a strength of the school

68% of all young people have represented the school in an activity, this is exceptional.

Leadership is strong throughout the school including sports leaders in lessons.

There is a school sport organising crew who run activities

There are clear cross-curricular links including Outdoor Maths, and a literacy link through the learning journals

The school is catering for target groups of young people in PE, gifted and talented students, as well as through the C4L club for the least active young people.

Life-skills are being explicitly taught through PE. Communication, teamwork, resilience, fair play, determination, being a role model, helping others, respect, creativity, active listening skills

D.f.E. have a focus on character education and this is visibly happening in PE by developing essential life character traits in the young people.

Transferability of skills is being explicitly taught not only between activities but also across subject areas.

OFSTED was satisfied that the sport premium was being used effectively to ensure sustainability through the upskilling of staff and to provide additional opportunities for pupils within and beyond the curriculum.


The Sport Premium is issued by the Government to complement the

School PE budget rather than replace it, so the school has so far only purchased infant agility equipment to support the delivery of athletic skills in Key stage 1.




The sport premium has been used to support our gifted and talented pupils in the following ways

Entry fees to County and National events

Transport to and from County and National events

Expert coaching

Clothing for competition


Rugby coaching to support the delivery of as our school sport of the year

Athletics coaching to support the Kent School Games teams

Both the rugby and athletics coaching have proved extremely popular and successful both in school and as a vehicle for providing pathways to participation beyond the school day. Pupils have joined both Thanet wanderers rugby Club and Thanet Athletics Club as a direct result of the school

’ s policy for only using coaches from NGB clubs.

The Sport Premium continues to enable the school to raise the profile of

PE and School sport amongst pupils and parents and will continue to do so for the duration of the sports premium funding. Termly sports assemblies are now a feature in key stage1as well as key stage 2, and are a popular way for staff, pupils and parents to celebrate the achievements of all.