Nouns and adjectives homework sheet.

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Nouns and adjectives homework sheet.
Highlight all the adjectives in the paragraph below.
Extension: Use a different coloured highlighter to show the type of adjective,
for example one that tells how many, what size, what type etc.
Circle all the nouns in the passage.
Some nouns in the paragraph do not have adjectives helping to describe them.
Choose 5 of these nouns and think of adjectives that could be used to add
more meaning.
It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. At first I wandered along a wide, straight
road lined with tall, leafy trees. Motorcars, trams, rickshaws, pedicabs and
bicycles whizzed by. I kept walking but dared not cross the road, glancing
briefly at the open-fronted stores overhung with colourful, upright, bilingual
signboards. I turned a corner and now the pavements seethed with people and
noise and commotion: coolies shouldering heavy loads on bamboo poles;
hawkers selling toys, crickets in cages, fans, cold tea, candies, meat-filled
buns, spring rolls, tea-eggs and fermented bean curd; stalls and booths
offering services such as hair-cuts, shaves, dental care, letter-writing,
extraction of ear wax; beggars banging tin cups and chanting for a handout.
Except for me, everyone was striding along purposefully, going somewhere.
Everyone had a destination. I must have walked for miles and miles. But where
was I? (page 31)
(e.g. Pavements)
Suggested adjective(s)
(Dusty, dirty, crooked)
4. There are some adjectives that are overused and bland. They don’t really do
much to describe a noun. These include: nice, pretty, small, great. Think of better
adjectives that could be used in their place.
Overused adjectives
Suggested alternatives