Write an Equation Strategy

Write an Equation Strategy
What is the Write an Equation Strategy?
This strategy calls for flexible algebraic thinking. You must balance both sides of
an equation, taking care to isolate your variable on one side of that equation.
But where do I begin?
be the variable that stands for the number of mangoes that were in the
bowl before any of them were removed.
How do I know when I have written the equation correctly?
When you have solved for m and plugging that value back into your original
equation works, you’ve solved the problem. You will want to then take the value
of m and re-read the problem to ensure that it checks out.
Helpful Hint:
Since the King removed 1/6 m then (m minus 1/6 m) are left over once he
has eaten his mangoes. So, 5/6 mangoes are left.