Decision Scientist - Text Mining/Analytics/NLP/ Machine Learning

Data Scientist - Text Mining/Analytics/NLP/Python
(0-3 yrs) Delhi/NCR (Systems/Product Software)
Job description
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Job Role:
Decision Scientist - Text Mining/Analytics/NLP/ Machine Learning
Location: New Delhi – South
Essential Skill Set
 Deep Understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical
learning algorithms.
 Understanding of regression analysis, Deep Learning and Ensemble
 Exposure to advanced mathematics, calculus, numerical computations and
 Understanding of probabilistic models, machine learning algorithms,
Bayesian networks, Markov chains, and the application of robust statistics to
model realistic situations.
 Experience in database querying and data mining.
 Understanding of stochastic processes and survey design is a plus.
 Experience of solving Kaggle problems (especially textual data based) is a
 Knowledge of Advanced Machine Learning concepts like Unsupervised
Pre-Training, Recurrent Neural Networks, is a big plus.
 Knowledge of NLP and Machine Learning implementation on big data
infrastructures like Hadoop, Spark is a big plus.
Required Programming Languages: Python, Java, R, SQL
 Additional Programming Languages (is a plus): Matlab/Octave, C, Excel
VBA, Hadoop & NoSQL (MongoDB / Pig / Cassandra)
B.Tech / M.Tech / MS / MSc in CS/IT/Mathematics and Computing, 2013,
2014 or 2015 Batch.
Other Skill Set
 Ability to work in a highly challenging, collaborative and entrepreneurial
 Able to explain statistical concepts to non-statistician citing examples from
real world
 Exceptional problem solving skills, willingness to learn new concepts and
methodologies as needed, quickly, and apply them to new problem solving
Key Responsibilities
 Essentially the person will be responsible for building and executing various
statistical models for live client projects or algorithms used in products of
 Innovate and create your own statistical models and test them against top
literature benchmarks. Mainly, prepare robust statistical models required by
various teams of InnovAccer.
 Understand client requirements, break down problems in various sub-parts
and frame a detailed project strategy to be executed by a team of
 Continuously build generic statistical modules to improve efficiency of
solving world's best statistical problems with less time and memory
 Support product team of InnovAccer in implementing most effective and
efficient statistical algorithms and plugging them into the existing product
What To Expect
 Working with an exciting next generation start up of really smart and
talented team of people, who are really good at what they do.
 Getting the right environment to do the best work of your life.
 Amazing Growth. We- re growing fast. You will too.
 As per industry standards