FAQ and Myth Essay Checklist

Mythology Essay Check List
1. Creative and informative title
2. Introduction
a. Hook that grabs your reader’s attentions
b. Brief explanation of how your hook connects to your essay
c. Brief and general explanation of your essay
d. Introduce your specific essential question
e. Thesis Statement – the specific answer to your essential question, including two
to three REASONS for your answer; show me a clear focus and purpose for your
3. Multiple Body Paragraphs
a. These are organized in a deliberate structure to prove your thesis!
b. Topic Sentence
c. Explain reasons and discuss your sources of evidence
d. Provide textual evidence for your main point
e. Introduce and use ONE relevant quote in each body paragraph
f. Finish off with a concluding sentence
g. Use transition words to create a flow between paragraphs
4. Conclusion
a. Restate thesis in a brand new way
b. Brief summary of your opinions
c. Wrap up the argument
d. Provide closure for your reader
e. Final concluding sentence that leaves your reader intrigued
Please use this document, the instruction sheet and the rubric as a guide to complete this
1. How do we refer to quotes in the essay?
Please use at least one quote in each body paragraph you write. Feel free to use
evidence from research you do outside of class. Consider using the creation myth
packet, the hero stories packet, your online research, your mythology book etc.
Introduce your quotes like this:
Subject verb, “______________________” (Author, Page Number).
The author states, “__________________” (Homer, 3).
The writer explains, “ __________________” (Unknown, www.google.com).
2. Do we need an image and a border? Yes.
3. How many sentences per paragraph?
For those of you who need more structure, please use between five and seven
sentences. For more advanced writers, write as many sentences to get your point across
4. What is the minimum length?
I am looking for an essay that is 4-5 paragraphs. Some of you have two or three reasons
for your thesis.
5. Can you give an example of a thesis? How should it be constructed?
A thesis is a sentence that provides the reader with the main focus or argument of the
essay. It should explain the main goal of the essay as well as list the reasons to support
your argument. Below is an example.
America's anti-pollution efforts should focus on privately owned cars because
it would allow most citizens to contribute to national efforts and care about
the outcome.
6. Do we need pictures or border?
FCS applies. Include border and picture.