Spring Course HPM 625 - UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Applied Public Health Informatics:
Diagnosis and Design of Public Health Systems Intelligence
Learn about the theory and principles shaping a knowledge culture.
Learn how to design a smart health system for care delivery and public health practice.
Learn how to evaluate Learning Health System Performance.
Learn how to develop solutions to public health intelligence problems.
Then consider HPM 625!
HPM 625 will expose students to the knowledge-centric view of public health
informatics as a driver/enabler of public health intelligence. This course is open to all
students in health care and public health disciplines from all UNC-SPH departments and
This course will expose students to the concept of public health intelligence that
examines health care delivery and public health outcomes from their most discrete data
elements, information resources, knowledge products, and core decisions.
Students will gain knowledge of the metrics, measures, and methods used to evaluate
the sociotechnical (organizational, technical, and human) factors that shape effective
organizational learning, reduces uncertainty, and supports informed decision making.
No previous informatics training is necessary.
Contact Assistant Professor Timothy Jay Carney, PhD, MPH, MBA for additional
information: [email protected]
Class meeting time: Spring 2015 Wed 5-7:30pm
Location - TBD