Conserve Water Now!

According to Oregon Public Radio, 2013 was Oregon’s driest year
on record, and it is likely that Oregon will be in an official
drought by summer time. For California, this is already true, with
over 62% of the state currently in an extreme drought situation.
As of now, Oregon is not far behind.
We must conserve water now to keep our water supply at a level
that will prevent severe water shortage during this dry period.
Please be mindful of your water use.
 Limit showers to once a day, 5 minutes each. OR: Turn off
the water while you lather your hair.
 Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, washing your
hands, and scrubbing dishes.
 Stop watering your lawn. If you MUST water (fire prevention
only), water for 3 minutes, at night, once weekly.
 Do not throw away paper cups from food venues until you
have dumped the ice into a plant. (This returns potable
water to the water cycle instead of letting it waste in a
 Reuse cooking water to water your plants.
 Flush the toilet less.
 Install low-flow showerheads (or toilets!)
 Wash dishes in the dishwasher, and only when it is full.
Scrub dishes rather than use a lot of water to rinse. And
avoid excessive rinsing by soaking dishes.
 Only run your clothes washer when it is full.
 Refrain from washing your car.
 Talk to your neighbors, friends and family about water