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As an ICT solutions provider, Huawei is dedicated to providing customized ICT solutions
that help enterprises in different regions improve their economic performance,
productivity, and competitiveness. In this way, we help these enterprises gradually
become the facilitators of the sustainable development of industries and the incubation
of new business models. Huawei products have been widely used in such sectors as
consumer products, government and public services, transportation, energy, media,
and e-commerce.
Case Study1: Huawei Assists CERN in Coping with Digital Floods in
the "God particle" Discovery
On July 4, 2012, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced
the existence of the "God particle" (Higgs particle), which offers new opportunities for
humanity to explore the origins and future of the universe. The "God particle" is the last
piece of the current particle physics puzzle. This discovery will monumentally change
the existing theoretic system of physics and may reveal the dark matter secrets of the
The experiments involved in discovering the "God particle" required considerable
analysis and research on massive amounts of scientific data, which could not be
completed without a strong data storage system. Statistics show that CERN produces
over 25 petabytes of physics data each year. Since the establishment of a partnership
with CERN in 2011, Huawei has been dedicated to providing innovative storage
technologies and architectures to help CERN store and process massive quantities of
high-energy physics data more effectively. Huawei also worked with CERN to study
ways to address the challenges of storing exabyte-level data. Ultimately, we provided a
cloud-based universal distributed storage (UDS) system featuring exabyte-level
scalability, security, reliability, and high integration. This system can be used to store
data of any type and share services. With a strong self-healing capability, the
cloud-based UDS system is compatible with Amazon's S3 application programming
interfaces (APIs) and features 99.999999999% reliability. In theory, users do not need
to back up their data outside the UDS system.
This system successfully addressed the challenge of storing the massive data resulting
from CERN's experiments on the "God particle" and other subjects. Additionally,
Huawei collected valuable feedback and suggestions from the researchers, which led to
product improvements. As a result, we will be able to provide valuable services to more
customers who are challenged with massive data storage needs and thereby achieve
more win-win outcomes.
Case Study: Huawei Launches Next-generation Digital Railway
Solutions to Help the Railway Industry Improve its Efficiency and
Huawei's leading digital railway solutions have been applied to world-leading railways
in China, Europe, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Australia, among other countries, and are
serving the world's highest, longest, and fastest railways. By launching a series of
digital railway solutions, Huawei has helped many customers build cutting-edge
network systems, including GSM-R scheduling systems, network communications
infrastructure systems, management systems, and office automation application
systems. The total length of the railways that adopt Huawei's solutions for seamless
on-site/off-site and long-distance communications, emergency scheduling, and
security inspection services is 1.38 times greater than the total circumference of the
Earth. Huawei's GSM-R solutions enable railway customers around the world to simplify
operations, improve service quality, ensure the safety of passengers and cargo, and
increase the security and efficiency of the railway transportation network.
Through our long-term engagement in bridging the digital divide, we enable more
people to connect to the information world, enrich their communication, improve their
work efficiency and living standards, and realize their dreams. Huawei has always been
dedicated to providing easier access to voice communications services with broader
coverage, wider access to high-speed networks, and more stable and smarter devices
as just part of our total efforts to bridging the divide between different countries,
regions, and social groups.
In the future, Huawei will remain focused on the four areas of our Bridging the Digital
Divide initiative, contribute equipment and solutions in support of "communications for
all" and "broadband for all", continuously cultivate ICT talent, and promote the
application of ICT technology in different fields. Huawei is striving to become a key
contributor and industry leader in bridging the digital divide.
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