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Top Development Blogs
Owen Abroad - Owen Barder is an influential thinker from the Center
for Global Development. He has a large following in the development world.
Chris Blattman - An academic at Yale University, Chris Blattman is
something of an Indiana Jones to the world of international development. His approach is scientific
and learned, while also very much ‘hands-on‘. His posts on political economic theory are peppered
with ‘on the ground’ anecdotes concerning escapades far and wide.
Aid Thoughts Aid Thoughts is a blog on international development,
economics and foreign aid. Matt Collins’ research interests include child development, ethnic
salience and land rights.He is a former ODI Fellow, having worked for two years as a civil servant in
the Ministry of Finance of Malawi. Ranil Dissanayake specialises in aid effectiveness, having advised
the Governments of Malawi and Zanzibar for almost six years.
Texas in Africa -An academic with a special interest in Africa –
particularly sub-Saharan countries – Laura Seay’s blog is an engaging hub, where details of talks and
research seminars are combined with long-form essays (by Seay and other contributors) on the
issues affecting development in Africa, as well as the latest books on the subject.
Aid on the Edge -Highlighting topical debates that touch on
international development, Aid on the Edge collects and analyses the arguments and actions driving
aid policies. Connecting up the many dots that make up the landscape of international development
theory, this blog is an excellent navigation guide to a subject that could otherwise be just a gigantic
black spot.
A View From the Cave -Known best for his broad and timely
reporting on aid and development, Tom Murphy co-founded the Development and Aid Workers
News Service (DAWNs).
Blood and Milk -Written by Alanna Shaikh, a development professional
with more than 10 years experience working for NGOs, the US government and the UN, this is a
considered, provocative blog that gets under the skin of international development. Covering the
various faces of the subject, including health, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, marketing,
anthropology, business, finance, and psychology, Alanna’s writing is shaped by a deep understanding
of the topic.
Wait…What? -Linda Raftree found her way into NGO work in a
roundabout way, after moving to El Salvador with her new husband at the tender age of 23. Starting
out as a translator, she migrated through the internal ranks of the organisation to programs and
communications. Now working for Plan International, Linda’s focus on bridging development and
information technology focusses on how emerging technologies can help increase youth
participation in debate on local and national level.
Dan Smith Dan Smith is the Secretary General of International Alert,
the London-based international peace building organisation. In his blog he discusses international
events, trends and policies, airing and exploring ideas for how to understand key issues and what to
do about them. His posts look at the impersonal ways that events and policies play out and as we
feel our way through the changing world they discuss how things are and what can be done about
Global Dashboard Global Dashboard explores global risks and
international affairs, bringing together authors who work on foreign policy in think tanks,
government, academia and the media.
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