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Classifying Certain Transit Rider
Data As Private
Request: The Metropolitan Council seeks to protect some data collected
from transit riders as private under Minnesota Data Practices Laws.
Staff Contacts:
Judd Schetnan
Thomas Randall
Metro Transit, for various transit programs, collects
a variety of information on transit riders that many
assume is private information. Since we are a
government entity, however, unless this information
is protected as private under Minnesota’s Data
Practices Laws (Minn. Stat. Chapter 13) someone
could request and obtain this information.
Some of this information includes things like
personal home addresses, email, travel history,
phone number, and other data that is not normally
deemed public. This proposed initiative would
classify a variety of the information collected for
various transit programs as private and could not be
obtained by the public.
The proposed initiative is consistent with other
transit agencies that have comparable fare collection
systems and web services.
It allows the agency to continue to serve the needs of
transit riders while maintaining their trust that
information obtained for transit purposes is used
only for that purpose.
It allows the agency and its customers to benefit
from advanced technologies without disclosing
personal information to unrelated third parties for
non-transit purposes.
This proposed initiative would give the agency
liability protection if some of this data would be
used inappropriately.
We have an amendment drafted to remove lines 2.62.8, line 2.14, lines 2.17-2.18 and lines 2.20-2.23 as
the language is redundant and unnecessary. We also
remove the application clause to ensure the transit
data is protected for our riders who originate outside
the 7 – county metropolitan area.
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