Awardee Title of Project Faculty Advisor Biological & Environmental

Bernal, Manuel
Bible, William
Winkleman, Dacey
Davis, Garrett
Farnsley, Sarah
Marsh, Laura
Carey, Patrick
Greve, Hendrik
Hankins, Michael
Kennedy, Joseph
Murray, Jessica
O'Brien, Patrick
Quinn, Caitlin
Title of Project
Biological & Environmental Sciences
An Analysis of Differentially Expressed
Genes in the Context of Cochlear
Malfunction in Charcot-Marie Tooth
Membrane Adaptations of Pseudomonas
aeruginosa to the Skin Environment:
Potential for Enhanced Resistance to
Antimicrobial Peptides
Cytosine Methylation and Abnormal Gene
Expression in Colorectal Cancer DNA by CGI
Is Non-Kin Structure in Octodon degus
Linked to Intraspecific Variation in Ecology
and Social Network Structure?
Overcoming Evolutionary History:
Conditioning Barrens Topminnow To Avoid
Predation by Mosquitofish
Effects of Intrusion on Stopover Habitat of
Neotropical Migrants
Synthesis and Structural Analysis of
Triphenylmethyl- and Benzyl-Derivatized
Fluorescence Studies on the Interaction of
[Ir(9S3)CI3] with DNA
Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity
of Ruthenium(II) Complexes Supported by
an Electron-Rich p-Cymene Ligand for
Aromatic C-H Bond Activation and Catalysis
Characterization of Uremic Toxin
Interactions with Proteins in Blood
Synthesis and Characterization of
Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes
Involving 1,4,7-trithiacyclononane (9S3)
and Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic
Phosphine Ligands
HPLC Detection of Nicotine and Related
Alkaloids in Electronic Cigarettes
Solid-Phase Extraction for the
Determination of Antibiotic Release from
Quantification of Antibiotics Embedded in a
Nanofiber Device Applicable to Limb
Faculty Advisor
Peggy Kovach
David Giles
Peggy Kovach
Loren Hayes
Hope Klug
David Aborn
Kyle Knight
Jisook Kim
John Lee
Stefanie Whitson
John Lee
Gretchen Potts
Steve Symes
Steve Symes
Jones, Daniel;
Michael Chambers;
Heir Jordan
Durr, Loren-Marie
Brown, Amanda
Petsch, Jonathan
Buford, Charles
Cooper, Ashley
LeMay, Carrie
Nida, Allen
Whitson, Naomi
Sudbury, Zeke
Tilstra, Stephen
The Eigen Break Through
Philosophy & Religion
Denied Doctrine: Inclusion of Profanic
Canons in the Works of Martin Luther and
Ulrich Zwingli
Physics, Geology, & Astronomy
Correlation of Lithofacies and Depositional
Environments in Silurian Rockwood
Formation Outcrops Near Chattanooga, TN
Sediment Characterization and Analysis
within Raccoon Mountain Caverns, TN
Political Science
E-Governance: A Function of Funding?
Cognitive Ability and Advanced Simulation
Self-Leadership Training: A Method for
Improving Academic Performance and
Fluctuations of Olfactory Functioning
Throughout the Menstrual Cycle and
During Pregnancy
Characterization of Attention-Deficit
Disorder with the Slip Induction Task
The Effects of Hunger vs Satiation on
Olfactory Performance in a Healthy
Mechanical Engineering
A Biomechanical Comparison of Anterior
and Posterior Fatigue Life for Transtibial
Physical Therapy
Effects of 1-MHz Ultrasound on Epaxial
Muscle Temperature in Horses
Roger Nichols
John Phillips
Ann Holmes
Amy Brock-Hon
Stephanie Bellar
Brian O'Leary
Chris Cunningham
Irene Ozbek
Amanda Clark
Irene Ozbek
Ron Goulet
David Levine