The Trial of Anne Hutchinson - The Church of Universal Fellowship

The Trial of
by Gary Vencill
Thursday, October 15th
7:00 pm
Church of Universal Fellowship
82 Main St., Orono
No Charge
Issues in 1637 that are still with us today…
- Individual conscience against the coercive power of the state
- Freedom to dissent from prevailing religious or political orthodoxy
- Courage to speak the truth to power and strength to endure the
- Acceptance and affirmation of interior spiritual revelatory experience
- Recognizing the leadership potential of women and being attentive to
their voices
and so much more….
A cast of 28 enacts the trial and excommunication of Anne Hutchinson from the Boston
Colony in 1637. Hutchinson was convicted of being a person ‘unfit for society’ and banished
from the colony for the crime of conducting independent Bible classes. At that time, only
male ministers were allowed to interpret the Bible for laity. Anne's counter-contention that the
so-called ‘ministers’ did not know the Bible eventually led to the formation of Harvard Divinity
School for educating clergypersons.
Open Discussion with the playwright and cast following the performance!
Please join us!
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