Ch.6 Study Guide What do you call the color of the powder left

Study Guide
1. What do you call the color of the powder left behind by a mineral when it’s
rubbed against a rough white tile?
2. What properties are used to identify a mineral?
3. Which is not a mineral?
a) Diamond
b) Gold
4. What is formed when mud or minerals fill a mold?
5. Why are plant fossils not as common as animal fossils?
6. What type of rock is formed from volcanoes?
7. Which is an imprint fossil?
A )bones
c) shells
b) Dinosaur tracks
d) teeth
8. What are the three layers of the Earth?
9. Why are most fossils found in sedimentary rock?
10. How do you make a mold and cast of a fossil?
11. rock
12. mineral
13. fossil
14. igneous rock
15. sedimentary rock
16. metamorphic rock
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