Review Sheet for Organ Transplants

Review sheet for Organ transplants
Basic facts related to organ transplants
A. No age limits – under 18 requires parent or guardian consent
B. To donate, indicate on driver’s license and carry donor card
C. Assure family members know desire to be a donor
D. Organs: heart, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, liver, and intestines
E. Tissues: cornea, skin, bone marrow, heart valves, and connective
F. Donation does not disfigure body or interfere with funeral
G. All costs paid by recipient (insurance), Medicare, or Medicaid
H. Selling organs is illegal
I. National donor network – patients on list matched by criteria
1. Blood and tissue typing
2. Medical urgency
3. Time on the waiting list
4. Geographical location
J. Organ procurement organizations
1. Evaluate potential donors
2. Discuss donation with family members
3. Arrange for surgical removal of donated organs
Bioethical issues associated with organ transplants
A. Ethics of presumed consent
B. Organ donations from prisoners and convicted
C. Financial incentives for organ donation
D. Assessment for transplant candidacy
E. Preferred status for organ donors