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Hösten 2015
Back, Les (2007) The Art of Listening. Oxford: Berghs. (184 s)
Bennett, Tony m fl (2009) Culture, Class & Distinction. London: Routledge. (259 s)
Butler, Judith (2004) Precarious Life: The Powers of Mournings and Violence. London: Verso. (168 s)
Hall, Stuart m fl (1978) Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State and Law & Order. New York: Palgrave.
(400 s)
Hall, Stuart & Jefferson, Tony (1993/1975) Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Post-War
Britain. London: Routledge. (234 s)
Haraway, Donna (1991) Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature. London: Routledge.
(287 s)
Miles, Malcolm (2015) Limits to Culture: Urban Regeneration vs. Dissident Art. London: Pluto Press.
(200 s)
Inskannat (på GUL):
Hall, Stuart (1996) ”Cultural Studies and its Legacies” i Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies,
redigerad av David Morley och KUan-Hsing Chen. London: Routledge. (15 s)
Johansson, Thomas, Sernhede Ove & Trondman, Mats (1999) ”Inledning. Kultur och identitet i
förändring”, i Samtidskultur: Karaoke, karnevaler och kulturella koder, redigerad av Thomas
Johansson, Ove Sernhede och Mats Trondman. Nya Doxa: Nora. (33 s)
Thornham, Sue (2001) Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies: Stories of Unsettled Relations. London:
Arnhold. (15 s)
Artiklar (att ladda ner via UB):
Franklin, Sarah (1995) "Science as Culture, Cultures of Science" Annual Review of Anthropology, Vol
24. (21 s)
Gunnarsson Payne, Jeny (2012) “The logics of Sisterhood: Intra-feminist debates in Swedish
feminist zines” In: European Journal of Women’s Studies 19(2) 187–202. (15 s)
Hirschkind, Charles & Saba, Mahmood (2002) ”Feminism, the Taliban, and CounterInsurgency”, Anthropological Quarterly 75(2). (15 s)
Jefferson, Tony (2008) ”Policing the Crisis Revisited: The State, Masculinity, Fear of Crime and
Racism” i Crime, Media, Culture 4(1):113-121. (9 s)
Myrdahl, Ellen Muller (2014) “Recuperating Whiteness in the Injured Nation: Norwegian Identity
in the Response to 22 July”, Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation, Culture 20(6).
(15 s)
Nayak, Anoop & Kehilyb, Mary Jane (2014), ‘Chavs, chavettes and pramface girls’: teenage mothers,
marginalised young men and the management of stigma’. In: Yournal of Youth Studies 2014 Vol. 17, No.
10, 1330–1345 (15 s)
Paton, Kirsteen (2013) ”Housing in ’Hard Times’: Marginality, Inequality and Class”, Housing,
Theory and Society 30(1).
Pestre, Dominique (2004) "Thirty years of science studies: knowledge, society and the politcal"
History and Technology: An International Journal 20(4). (18 s)
Shildrick, Tracy & MacDonald, Roberg (2013) ”Poverty Talk: How people Experiencing Poverty
Deny Their Poverty and Why They Blame ’The Poor’”, Sociologial Review 61(2). (18 s)
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Back, Les (2010) ”Stuart Hall in Conversation with Les Back”, Dark Matter Journal:
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Stuart Hall Interviewed by Sut Jhally:
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