IIT Today Post (to run weekly starting 10/28/13 AND on 11/15/13

IIT Today Post (to run weekly starting 10/28/13 AND on 11/15/13)
From: Usha Subramanian, Manager, Advancement Communications, 312.567.5769
Header: Learn about Job Placements from Alumni Mentors! Calling all students!
Copy: IIT Alumni Association, Career Management Center and the Office of Campus
Life invite students to attend an event featuring alumni mentors who will discuss
specific disciplines, majors, and job placement prospects upon graduation.
Learn from alumni who are already in your field. There will be discipline specific
panels, breakfast, lunch, and a joint discipline conversation.
Date: Saturday, November 16, 2013
Time: 9-10 am Breakfast (MTCC Ballroom)
10-11:30 am—Discipline Specific Alumni Panels (Various locations)
Noon-1:30 pm—Lunch* & Joint Discipline Conversation (MTCC Ballroom)
*Students must register for the lunch: tinyurl.com/2013PlacementPanels
This event is sponsored by: (add logos of sponsoring affinity groups. Logos will be sent
as a separate file)
(Nicole/Mark-, please use the 9 logos for the different associations on this page. These
are the sponsors. I will send logos as a separate zip file.)
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