Next Chapter Meeting!!! Wednesday, 17 June 2015, 11:30 AM
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society/Southern Ohio Chapter
Robert E. Patterson, Ph.D.
Invited Speaker!!!
(Lunch-time Brown Bag)
Wednesday, June 17th 2015, 11:30 pm – 12:30 pm
Brown Bag Presentation
Wright State University, Fawcett Hall, Rm 339A
In creating autonomous human and machine systems of the future that embody the concept of joint
semiosis (i.e., joint 'meaning making'), an understanding of human reasoning and decision makingwhich depend on human semiosis-is critical. Accordingly, this research presents the results of a
very considerable and thorough review and analysis of multiple literatures on human reasoning and
decision making (including semiosis) as well as related topics. This research also presents an
application of that analysis to the design of future human-machine systems. The results: Intuitive
cognition (unconscious situational pattern synthesis and recognition) dominates human reasoning
and decision making in all situations examined. Because intuitive cognition appears to entail
semiosis derived from pattern-synthesis, the latter of which results from memory recombination, it
is proposed that this type of cognition can be elicited and shaped via memory retrieval-cue
techniques. It is also proposed that such techniques can be adopted for use in future autonomous
human-machine systems designed for 'joint semiosis', which refers to human semiosis interacting
with machine artificial semiosis.
Dr. Robert E. Patterson is a Senior Psychologist for the Human Analyst Augmentation Branch of
the Human Performance Wing at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.
Previously he was a Research Scientist Consultant for Link Simulation and Training, L-3
Communications, as well as a tenured Full Professor of Experimental Psychology and
Neuroscience at Washington State University. Dr. Patterson has over 100 scientific publications in
the areas of basic and applied visual perception and applied cognition, and human factors
engineering. He is on the editorial board of two international scientific journals and is a member of
the International Committee for Display Metrology. In 2012, Dr. Patterson won the Harry G.
Armstrong Scientific Excellence Award of the Air Force Research Laboratory. He received his
Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Cresap
Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University. His current research interests include human
reasoning and decision making in autonomous human-machine systems.
Directions: Wright State University is located at 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy in Fairborn, OH. The
meeting room is in the Psychology Dept, Fawcett Hall, Room 339A. Parking is available in any
of the visitor’s parking lots.
Questions: Contact Tim Barry at 937-272-1183 (cell), or Timothy.Barry.ctr@us.af.mil