Judy Cross-Strehlke: Wed- Saturday morning

An Opportunity: A Vist by “A Journey
into the Horse’s World” Instructors
Feb 22, 2014 Our Instructors
Piet Nibbelink owns a center for better communication with horses in the Netherlands. With his
knowledge and experience he guides his student toward a harmony with horses. In his view this can be
achieved by truly knowing yourself, your state of mind and your body language. Only then can you
become aware of the unconscious processes that constantly influence the horse, and change so that
you tell the horse what you meant to tell.
Originally from England, Sarah Jane Clarke moved to Spain at age eighteen, in search of the Spanish
horse. Today, she owns a dressage stable in Sanlucar. She trains her Spanish horses according to the
principles of the classical dressage, with a lot of patience and respect for the horse. Also, she is an
expert on the field of Spanish horses.
Judy Cross Strehlke‘s home is in Maine USA where she has her own riding center. Her path with horses
led her in many different directions, from University studies to the competition world of Dressage and
Three day Eventing to Western Riding, to horses for therapeutic riding. When she met Sally Swift and
studied Centered Riding, she found a place to rest in the philosophy of softness and awareness for the
rider. She is a Level IV Advanced Centered Riding Clinician and an advanced instructor for PATH Int’,
USA. Her specialty is understanding how the Brain/Body learning connection can enhance riding for all
disciplines. She teaches instructors and students in Europe and the USA.
Our Schedule
SATURDAY, Feb 22, 2014
1-3 pm
Deeping your connection
Piet Nibbelink working with two different horses on the ground.
3-5 pm
Therapeutic Touch
Judy Cross-Strehlke working with two different horses using Tteam Ttouch, massage, and body works to
relieve pain and increase the horse’s cooperation.
7-9 pm
Understanding how Classical Balance Improves All Riding
Sarah Jane Clarke working with two different horses unmounted and mounted, explaining how
movement and balance can add to long-term health of the horse.
Our Prices
$25 per session to watch Piet or Sarah Jane.
$25 to watch OR participate with your own horse in Judy’s Theapeutic Touch.
$50 for Piet or Sarah Jane to use your horse for one hour of the demonstrations
Private Lessons
Available by appointment. Call Laura at 352 256-3718 or Judy at 207 564-3451 to schedule
$65/hr for private sessions with Piet, Sarah Jane, or Judy. $10 arena fee or $10 travel fee to come to
your farm, up to 10 miles. Further distances, ask for quote.
Times available:
Judy Cross-Strehlke:
Wed- Saturday morning, Feb 19-22, 2014
Piet Nibbelink:
Friday Feb. 21 after 4 pm and Sunday, Feb 23, 2014 all day
Sarah Jane Clarke:
Friday Feb. 21 after 4 pm and Sunday, Feb 23, 2014 all day