Terry McCune, Assisstant Director of Graduate

Terry McCune is the Assistant Director
of Graduate and Adult Business Programs
at Mount St. Mary’s University. He
obtained his undergraduate degree in
Health Care Management from Park
University and Master of Science degree in
Contracts and Acquisition Management
from Florida Institute of Technology.
Following 24 years of military service, he worked in the
Defense contracting industry and in the Federal Government as
a civilian. As a Contracting Branch Chief at Fort Detrick, he
developed contracting courses through a partnership
agreement with the U. S. Army Medical Research and Materiel
Command and Mount St. Mary's University.
After his retirement from the Federal government, he
developed a Graduate Certificate in Government Contracting
through the Mount. Following the course development, in
addition to teaching, he obtained the equivalency certification
for the courses with the Defense Acquisition University.
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