A-level Chemistry independent research projects
Interpretation of a spectrum
Spectroscopic methods are an extremely useful method for elucidating
information about the structure of organic molecules. The methods
studied at A2 level include Mass spectroscopy, Infra-red spectroscopy
and NMR spectroscopy.
Pick a molecule which fits into one of the homologous series you have
studied this year. With reference to the spectra produced in each of
the types of spectroscopy, explain how we can gather information
about the structure of the molecule. You will need to draw or find
images of the spectra to include. You have one sheet of A3 paper to
complete this task.
Success criteria:
You should be able to label each type of spectra and explain the
location, size and type of peak on each in reference to the molecule
chosen. Alkanes and alkenes will be easier, carboxylic acids and
alcohols will be more difficult, branching will further complicate
matters – choose a molecule which you think tests your understanding .
Curriculum links:
 This project has curriculum links with Unit 4 Further organic
and physical chemistry.
 Key words include: molecular ion, peak, isotope, splitting, doublet,
triplet, singlet, abundance, integration,