Eastern Sierra Land Trust – Restoration

SNAP Position Description 2015
Position Description
Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership
Position Title: Restoration and Education Coordinator
Host Site: Eastern Sierra Land Trust
Site Supervisor: Kay Ogden, Executive Director
Contact: (760) 873-4554, [email protected]
Position Location: The ESLT office is located in Bishop, the largest town in Inyo County
with a population of 8,000 (there are 18,000 residents in Inyo County). Bishop is in a deep
valley, nestled between the majestic Sierra Nevada and the intriguing White-Inyo Mountains.
People treasure Bishop and the Eastern Sierra Nevada for many reasons - the awesome
vistas, the working farms and ranches, the thriving fish and wildlife - reasons that inspire
them to want to protect these values for future generations. Bishop is renowned for its
outdoor recreational opportunities and offers access to world class rock climbing, bouldering,
backpacking, hiking, trout fishing and skiing in the winter, with Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
only 40 minutes away. Bishop also offers quick access to the John Muir Wilderness,
Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Death
Valley National Park. The closest large airports are Reno, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, with
limited air service out of Mammoth Lakes.
Organization Description: Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT) is nationally accredited and
was established in 2001 to work with willing private landowners and the public to protect vital
lands in the Eastern Sierra for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historical, and
watershed values. ESLT has partnered to permanently preserve almost 8,000 acres of
prime ranch and farmland, critical habitats, and iconic scenic vistas. ESLT’s stewardship
program ensures that these lands remain viable and productive for future generations of wild
and human inhabitants and visitors.
Program Description: ESLT’s Seasonal AmeriCorps member will lead and collaborate on
restoration, education and outreach projects that connect the public with the wild and working
lands of the Eastern Sierra. Restoration and enhancement of preserved lands are a priority
for ESLT and will also be a focus area of ESLT’s AmeriCorps member. ESLT’s AmeriCorps
member will work on a variety of interesting projects with a high level of responsibility and
creative freedom.
Position Description: As ESLT’s Restoration and Education Coordinator, our AmeriCorps
member will be involved in community outreach and watershed restoration and enhancement
projects, including:
 Planning and implementation of wildlife migration corridor restoration and
enhancement project, especially in light of the recent Round Fire that burned 7,000
acres in the wildlife migration corridor.
 Assistance with easement monitoring and land stewardship programs, especially
those impacted by the recent Round and Van Dyke fires.
 Design and coordination of habitat restoration projects in the burn area.
SNAP Position Description 2015
Development and implementation of youth and adult environmental education
Collaboration with local organizations and other AmeriCorps members in the area.
Recruitment and management of program related volunteers.
Required Qualifications: Applicants should possess a high level of energy and passion for
ESLT’s preserved lands and the region’s important watersheds. Excellent communication
skills, interest in biology and botany, good physical conditioning, and ability to navigate and
travel in the outdoors are required qualifications. GIS and map making knowledge a
plus.Tolerance and appreciation for various viewpoints are also necessary for living in a
remote rural environment. Sense of humor and team player orientation is always a plus.
Additional Benefits: ESLT staff and board will assist with the assimilation process and
introductions to Eastern Sierra living for our AmeriCorps member. Living in a safe and small
town surrounded by awe inspiring scenery and endless outdoor recreational opportunities is a
priceless and unequaled benefit!
Website: www.eslt.org